Good bookery.

I haven't used this space publicly in a while, mostly because I haven't had a lot of things I want to talk about publicly. My life is mostly a train wreck, if you're curious. I had a job, was fired, am facing financial doom.

My grandfather passed away.

There are the quiet good moments of course, but in my mate says, when one is fighting to survive, all else tends to be put on hold.

Anyways. Bookery.

It's been a very long time since I've picked up a book and read it one sitting. But I did just that for the past 4 hours (in which i read a 330 pg paperback). www:wake by Robert J. Sawyer. It was a fantastic read. I've never heard of the author before, but according to his bio he's been around a while and very accomplished in yonder writing world, so I shall be looking up more of his work in the near future. It was riveting sci-fi, to me, with some very interesting science thrown in and linked together in ways that make me wish I could be getting paid to do 'stuff like that'. Lots of information theory and linguistics and math that's simple to understand conceptually (though I'd wager the math behind it? not so simple) and the idea of what the world would be like to a 'blind' person transitioning to sighted...good stuff all.

Random note: each of his chapter headings had a binary string under them, as far as i can tell, the same one each time. You'd think it'd translate into something, but I can't get it to do so. String as follows below. Oddly, I couldn't find any mention of it on the intrawebs, which leads me to believe it's just some 'artistic' nonsense. But still. I am at heart a geek.

As a number it's very large (2^78), and amusingly, I don't have access to my ti85's anymore, I don't currently have a calculator on this pc capable of it, and all the converters I try online run into the fact that this number is so big. In that vein, I no longer have a space to do coding of my own, and I don't want to do it by hand. =)

All that also being said, I'm sure I'm missing some blindingly simple way to do this. :P Sometimes I miss being smart.

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On the topic of new jobs and fingers.

So, I wanted to finally write down some thoughts about my time with the census, my thoughts about my new position with a biomed company...maybe get in some video game time...and what do I do this morning? Cut off the tip of my left index finger because I was in a hurry and didn't use the hand guard on a mandolin. /sigh. I knew better...and now I won't ever do it again. :P

Typing is fun. I think I will save myself the agony of much more fumbling about. Bandage is huge and clunky. At least everything should grow back. This will also be fun for work....BLERGH EAT KITTY.

I am officially disappointed in myself, especially because the lady stayed home to take me to redimed instead of going out with her friends out of town...I mean, I can deal with my own dumbatitude, but inflicting it on someone else? :P

At least the cucumbers were tasty!
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Updatey type stuffs.

Things really aren't going so well for me and my family.

If I don't get a job soon, well. In the next month, I'll probably have to sell a car (or let the bank repo it) and figure out where I can live that doesn't involve a box. Internet, cellphones, credit cards, TV, and other such things will probably disappear too. Cue absolute failure feeling.

My g'pa is in a nursing home now. G'ma could no long really take care of him and he made it too hard for my mom to help him. I should visit him more often, I've only done so once. My g'ma is looking at foreclosure on the house. My mother lives in her own little bubble. At the very least she does try and help out around the house and get things done for my g'rents both legally and by cleaning, etc. I just feel she could do more by you know, actually attempting to get a job. More failure!

But in good news land:

Keep your collective hopes up for me, I had a good interview on Friday. :) I'm really hoping I can land this job, it would be fun, hard work, and have lots of room for growth professionally. Not to mention that I need the money reallyreally bad.

My computer here tried to die on me, but I casted a spell of resurrection on it and it seems happy now.

I also am trying out Trillian Astra. Not a bad little program so far, though there are things like Pidgin and Digsby? that I should try out I'm told.

Going to go finish up writing thank you for interview letters, then get my mom the digicam pics of some stuff she's trying to sell at the house for when they have to move...then maybe waste time playing WoW. Or working on my server. Maybe doing both at once for sng.
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i can do css. look ma!

IF you happen to read my journal in my style, you may notice a change. IE8 handles CSS 'better' than previous versions, and I finally got around to fixing my link style so that it would properly render in the browser I use the most, IE8. It -should- also render properly in FF, but hell if I know.

Anyways, if you care, and it doesn't look right on your screen (it should be pretty obvious - if it's not, then yer worrying about the display issue i know is there, but is pretty minor. ;) let me know what browser you use (and a ss would be uber helpful). A good post of mine to check it on is:

Thanks. =)
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Someone tried to scam my mom/g'rents out of thousands of dollars to get me out of jail in toronto canada for drunk driving (bond money).

They tried this this morning.

I don't even have words for how bizarre the whole thing is on so many different levels.
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Why am I dreaming of Nicholai? Hai Nox.

I used to be pretty good about writing down dreams here, not so much anymore. I should get back to that.
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Etiquette and protocool.

Ah C3PO. Wherefore art tho.

So I'm up to 9 recruiters now. I need to draft me a letter that says, 'Thank you. The position fits me! But at this time, I am unable. Think of me in the future for all your IT needs.' And then start replying, because I don't want to give these people the impression that I don't exist. :) I plan to ask Tina's help, she's a wizard like that. (That reminds me. My mom saw my new resume, says she needs one that spiffy. ;) It's a shame that this position can't be in Seattle. I'd run for it in a hot minute.

The phone interview - it seemed to go well. Of course as soon as it was over, I thought of things I should have said different, blah blah. It was with the general HR person. The not so general IT manager and flunkies are calling me tomorrow. HR person says that pending the results of that, I should hear something back for scheduling face to face stuff friday/monday (and they'll of course let me know if they decided to go with anyone else).

(10 recruiters). This one called. Oi vey.
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