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What's inside this wardrobe. A lion? A witch?


The movie was fan-fucking-tastic.

I'll tell you a little secret. I even cried.

I remembered what it was like to be a kid. To believe because no matter what your mind tells you, your heart tells you something else. To believe because it is the right and true thing to do.

I still hated the white witch, while marveling at her magnificent sense of power. Aslan was everything a lion should be. (except during a very touching scene where he was a bit less...)

The actors were fantastic. The scenery was gorgeous. Sidenote: WETA, I love ya guys. But I couldn't help but think you had to use those doors from LotR again...as well as some of the other props. ;)

My favorite actor of the movie however goes to Lucy Pevensie played by the little Georgie Henley. And Mr. Tumnus, fawn of fawns, we salute thee. =)


In true critic fashion there were minor details of film (bad blue screen, the aforementioned bit less of a lion scene, and a few abrupt turns of the tale) that I wish could have been done/handled better. But I, at least, didn't want to acknowledge them. The rest was simply too amazing. And I'll forgive them for every graphic mistake the made on one thing alone (which will please phloxin)...The Phoenix was amazing

*takes a deep breath* (and no, I'm not onyxia. ;P) → Look! Wow geekery even here!

And now that I'm back from the movie, I'm going to put my cold feet up on the heater, look out at the blanket of snow that covers my city...think upon this day as if it was given to me by a capricious member of fate as if to scold me for my woe of late. This day started out right by getting a 'come help me please' from Lisa to fix her computer. Then I stayed to play with her puppies while Lisa slept. Then Lisa's daughters came home, and if it makes me a bad person to have my heart feel warm at seeing a lovely fifteen year old girl's face light up to see me...then so be it. I even got to take her out to Taco Bell, where, amusingly enough, she refused to let me pay. =) Tho being the 25 year old at a table of 15 and 16 year old girls is...a humbling experience. =) I come home, and when I prepare to go out again, the world is white and beautiful and alive. Digging out my car was even fun. Then I got to pick up quinby and ecchikun and talk about old memories of snow and wind and ice..eat Burger King. Strand my car on a median. Front wheel drive + Snow covered median + forward momentum = stuck car. Thankfully a kind gentleman in a Jeep pushed my car off...I think disappointing the security guard who was I believe hoping to get the big truck out. =) Then a movie. And funny all around. I even poked Quinbit. Oh my. Then home to hot tea and warm feet and the surprise that I don't need to dig out my driveway again.

*paints with a happy brush*
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