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Blame it on the music.

Last time this happened, several years ago, I had ayradyss and co. to help me get through it. It wasn't so damned lonely. They where here, and even tho most of the time we just sat around, watched TV, played games...we did it together, in the same place. It was good, I felt loved, and I don't know if I can ever thank them for that. Yes, even Ryken who I'm sure hates me on principle. :)

Since then I've lost a friend or two, alienated a few more, and also don't have that safe haven anymore. I'm absorbed in a game that is a lot of fun -when- I’m doing it in a group (at least these days) but my schedule/server choices have made this...spotty. I've pondered if an alt would help that sensation, but as I can't seem to get absorbed into an alt, probably not. I'm not sure how to meet people, not that I'm overly good at it. In fact the last couple people (admittedly female) I've tried to conjure up meetings with, they've all pretty much ran in terror. =) I've pondered a hobby, but not sure what to take up. =) Maybe should go out and check the martial arts place near where I work tomorrow. Need to go out and get laundry done anyways. And while I'm at it, mental promise to self, check out gym.

And tomorrow night I plan to go out with ecchikun and quinby(happy birthday hon, even if you are a brat, I still like ya. ;) to go see Narnia. So that'll be fun assuming the theater doesn't explode or something. :)

I've got a lot of Christmas Ideas/Gifts done with, so I feel pretty good in that regard. At least being lonely and single makes one's bank account not mind if I spend money. Tho honestly if I stopped eating out as much (shush, don't mention I just ordered pizza..which just arrived. in 20 minutes. i'm impressed.) i'd have more money...but what does more money do for me if I don't have anyplace to spend it. =0

I had a point when I was starting this post, not sure what it was now. Maybe I'll just go watch a DVD that I've bought but not watched. :P

I guess the moral of this post is that I should be thankful for the things I have had. *nods sagely* there we go.

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