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I'm late, I'm late for a very important date...

No time to say goodbye, Hello! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! :)

Happy Birthday bemocked!

I know you've already celebrated since you live in Korea currently. Even with the timezone I've only got 16 minutes to spare. :P

I wanted to thank you for all the friendship and stories you've shown me in the year (longer?) we've known each other. It's nice to know another older, wiser woman. =) Even if between the two of us, who goes out and parties and comes back to leave me drunken (okay, so that's a bit much. How about lush-addled) messages? :0

Lately, I know, I haven't been around as much and I hope you accept my apologies. I do enjoy the times we get to meet up. I'm sure someday I'll have stories to tell you that don't revolve around an online game, and can tell you all about how I managed to not drown myself while out in the sea, or fall of a cliff while climbing. If you don't mind (me) stickin' around long enough, that is. :)

May your next living year be full of surprises and good times! Hopefully the job situation will settle itself out, your trip back to the states for christmas will be worthwhile, and in the long run you'll be able to settle down with fish tiles and a glass of wine and drink it all up. Well. Not the tiles. Leave them for the cat to play with. :)
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