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Great Goblet of Fire!

So I saw the movie.

I bet it surprises you to know that it centers around the Triwizard tournament.


It really felt too short to me. It felt rushed. I know it's a long book, and a lot of it doesn't translate well being that it's so bloody angsty. But Herm. didn't feel real to me unless she was blushing about Krum. The Weasley's were spot on, in my opinion. Harry felt 'hesitant', but that might have been the idea. Not really sure. Of course, I like Dumbledore. And Moody was also spot on. The very small role that Snape played in this movie was fantabalous. As such, it was hard to think of Snape as 'slimy'.

I need to see the other movies to see if reading the books has changed my opinions of the movies, but this one (I think) is my least favourite.

Now all that being said, I did enjoy the movie. It was exciting, the graphics were good, and it was very 'light hearted' (if this is a good thing is up to contention).

I also am, for the first time, annoyed that I don't have the book nearby and readily accessible so that I may check stuff.

Oh, Harry. Have you bewitched me too?

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