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No more vanilla coke?!


Oh cry.

Btw, Jarhead was a good movie. Different than what I expected. I knew it was not going to be a war movie in the traditional way, but even knowing that, the movie was a bit odd. =) All in all, not as good as my expectations, but only missed the mark by a little. The movie has a single theme, really...but it's fairly well explored and such. Probably not going to win any major awards as I had thought it might. There's still Annapolis coming out...Aeon Flux...Narnia...Walk the line...

And, as if the game (y'all know what I'm talking about) was consoling me for it probably going to be 2 weeks before I get to do any more raiding with the my guild...Tonight I got a really spiff enchant from MC. +55 to healing. ;)

The real reason I mention this is that I know some of you are tired of me never being around. So, more or less, sans work, I'll be around for a while and try to make up for my guilty pleasures and find ways to torment you all appropriately.

WTB things to keep me awake till 8 in the morning, pls. PSIM. :)

And I owe an apology to ecchikun, because I tried to get him killed today. There's just something about that road and idiots on it that makes me do crazy things. Sorry!

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