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Die Blood God, Die!

Where's blade when you need him..

Oh wait. Warning, WoW exuberance ahead.

Last night, even though I was a tad bit frustrated and almost gave up...glad I didn't. A personal goal of mine accomplished: I got to help Hakkar drop dead. Strangely enough tho, he's stupid easy to beat. Course, that's because we killed most of his friendly 'minibosses' (-1: Jindo. We've killed him before, but we didn't this time cause Jindo is a little bitch. And maybe - another 1, not sure if the summoned boss, who we didn't have mats to summon, counts or not. Anyways.). Then afterwards in Orgrimmar I made 60g profit in enchanting! Not a bad night. ;) P.S. I have my own screenshots, someday I'll upload stuff to my lj photosite.

I personally enjoy Zul'Gurrub more than Molten Core...the structure is more accessible, the benefits are more 'realizable', the place is prettier...the bosses interesting to me from a 'lore' point of view....Molten Core is just bleh. Tho I -do- enjoy the Majordomo fight. I'm sure when I get around to being part of a Ragnaros killing group another short blurb of exuberance will appear. As it stands, I keep wanting to do a short fic around Sally, my rogue. So who knows. I promise tho, it'll be behind a cut so those watching aren't subjected.

Hrm, what else. Gonna go see Jarhead tonight, hopefully the movie lives up to my expectations. Doom was better than I expected, which isn't saying much. =)

Got to see Lisa this morning for about 4 hours. Also got to chase her dog around the neighborhood...:P Since I haven't seen her in months, we caught up, and it was good. I think it'll probably be Christmas again before I see her. ;P I can't get ahold of my godfather, and he's in town, and it's annoying. I somehow deleted his message, and the number I have for his cell must be wrong. It angers me. Cause I don't want him to think I'm ignoring him. :(

I've been coding for my guild a bit, and it's nice to do little things again. I haven't completely lost my touch! :P I never thought I'd -miss- programming. ;)

Ah well. Not really much else to say. Sad for a friend of mine and a bad situation, but not sure if I can help at all.

These are all shirts that I found of great interest.
http://www.thinkgeek.com/pennyarcade/gamer/7c07/ → The Code. No, really. THE code.
http://www.thinkgeek.com/pennyarcade/gamer/7ba1/ → Without life there is nothing. Zelda, how I ♥ thee.
http://www.thinkgeek.com/pennyarcade/gamer/7b74/ → The Final Fantasy choice. Choose quickly...

http://www.livejournal.com/users/kytyn/297849.html → This is getting crossposted because I know some of you are occasionally literary fiends. melydia has done some research into some companies that offer some great services. From self-publishing books (ayradyss's poetry comes to mind) to PDF's of your journal (obviously to feed to bookform! ;) I thought this is something I want to save and share.

A while back I posted about a mousepad...then I came across these babies. Pillows and ergonomic support? Truly a higher power involved. But this is most certainly the devil's work. :)

http://www.adameve.com/catalog_name=adameve/product_id=9247/product.htm?sc=WAPM0111 → Rrrr, porno matey. NWS. :)

http://www.toilette-humor.com/flash/carve_pumpkin.swf → Go, carve pumpkin's to your hearts content. No, seriously. It's fun. =)


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