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And on the further annoyance list...

Prisoner of Azkabhan. Tape 5 of 7, side B, being completely blank. Farbeit for me to know what happens after Snape calls in Lupine to discuss a smarmy piece of parchment.

Oh no. Farbeit. And no I don't feel like skipping 45 minutes of the book and just skip to tape 6 which seems fine. Harumph. Where's a spare roommate when you need one to go get the other copy from the library and bring it to work for you, hrm? :)

*grumps and turns on the music* At least FM radio hasn't deserted me yet.

P.S. While I'm being bad at work, I scrolled down a bit on my entries to notice my large list of 'bold what is true about you' etc. I was about to close out IE when I noticed something...an error. So I fixed it. I'm single, ladies, don't despair. *snorts* How could I have missed -that- one.
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