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My cave.

In response to a post by kunzite1, I give you my cave. Exciting no?

Flash makes it look very bright. It's not. I'm a cave dweller, really.

Oh. And another birthday wish out to James. Hope you're taking care of yourself man. I know you've had some ups and downs this year both. Hopefully you can tip the scales positive this year!

ALSO. Friday opens Transporter 2. I know I'm going. I know Joe wants to go. Anyone else? I'd give specific times, but the Rave doesn't have times posted yet, and I wasn't really impressed with Carmikes (were you Joe?) so I don't intend on going back there. =)

http://scottrope.typepad.com/scott_rope/files/NewMouse.wmv → I think we need to plug it in!! (this is in homage to the mice I'm slaughtering, really. ;P)
http://scottrope.typepad.com/scott_rope/files/Coin_Master.wmv → OMFG. The insanity of being able to do this...

http://catsinsinks.com/ → If the cuteness on these two links doesn't make you squee, you're not -really- my friend. You're an imposter.

http://www.lazarusworld.com/archives/000135.html → A kinda obscure web comic. WoW-related. Guy had a weeks worth of WoW comics, this is the only funny one (imho). Banana hammock FTW!

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