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I hate insomnia.

For two days I haven't really been able to sleep, and when I do sleep, it's really fitful tossing, and turning, waking up every so often.

Needless to say this doesn't make Jeff a happy person. To say nothing of my work output....

Nor does Jeff finding out he can't really have something he really wanted. At least not -now-. (sorry dragoni82, no surprise for you.)

So what to do when you have all this? Think depressing thoughts, be annoyed that you can't sleep, etc. Write angsty (cryptic) journal entries. Read. Set more traps for mice. Attempt more sleep.

I dunno. Just. GRR.

As someone put it, I have a job that pays my bills, no overweening debt, no majorly destructive habits...so why do I feel so like I need to -fix- something about me to make me better. What is it I'm lacking? Decisiveness? A need to be responsible?

I'm tired of second guessing myself.

Or maybe I'm just tired.
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