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Oh my dear sweet (normally I would say Jesus) Charlize Theron.

Aeon flux trailer is out.

I so cannot wait. No little witches, I don't think, but I promise you I will see this opening day.

In other gaming news, the trailer for Doom came out. Unlike the trailer posted above which makes me trill with glee, this trailer makes me wonder how bad the movie will be. Now, with that said, I'll still go see it, as the observant reader knows I like the Doom series of games. Much like how I saw the AD&D movie...:P (edit: and Microsoft got a deal with Universal and 20th Century Fox to make halo movies. weee. wonder how these will turn out. ;)

This is merely for tinarobin: http://www.livejournal.com/users/daimones/26455.html so, without further ado. kick!
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