Spirit (daimones) wrote,

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Nothing of substance, really.

I miss Nintendo. Really.

That being said, I wish I was an omeganaught. Cause check out the phat loot. Oh well. I can't go to BlizzCon either. I'm eagerly awaiting Ghost and can only but hope to see videos released.

And now it's time for Good Jeff's to get dressed and go to work and not want to kill their mothers, cause they get messages like this.
Hello. Jeff on Friday I will need you to get my check and put it in the bank for me. I will also need you to cash a check for me and bring back me the money to work. Thanks.

At least I'm feeling okay. I got like 9 hours of sleep and woke up wanting more. :P This can be considered a good thing. Or a bad thing, since it was probably related to not feeling well. =)
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