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You can now all see how bad I am about time placing memories. - Spirit — LiveJournal
You can now all see how bad I am about time placing memories.
Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: Qkumba Zoo - The Child Inside
I saw the movie The Island. I really liked it. It wasn't academy warning stuff, but it served its purpose well even if it rehashed an ages old concept in sci-fi. Also the movie threw a few things at me I did not expect and enjoyed thoroughly. Again, like most movies, I tend to enjoy the concepts behind them as well as the 'fare' the movie presents. Good stuff.

A few notes: No my last post was not about me 'getting any'. It was not about Bri or any other situation related to that. Keep on guessing. :P

Those of you who were actually around for these things might have a better time sense than I do, so feel free to correct me. Time has always been fairly an approximate concept for me. :) Almost better to just browse my LJ entries.

10 years ago I: (1995)
  1. Had yet to really begin using the internet.
  2. Was about to meet caiata.
  3. Battled with severe suicidal and crippling depression. Some might say I'm still battling...
5 years ago I: (2000)
  1. Couldn't figure out why people thought it would be any different. =)
  2. Was spending a lot of spare time with the gaming group in Manchester and loving every bit of it.
  3. Stopped playing evernight/monarchy. =)
3 years ago I: (2002)
  1. Broke up with Liz, the girl for whom I moved out of 'home' for.
  2. I met Bri.
  3. Learned what a family can mean to someone.
2 years ago I: (2003)
  1. I graduated college with a BSCS from Indiana Tech.
  2. Should have realized the truth about some of my friends.
  3. I got a job I will always remember fondly. :)
1 year ago I: (2004)
  1. Begun a rp chain I will remember fondly because LJ saved it.
  2. Bought this computer, IIRC.
  3. Saw my godfather. (this was the last time I saw him)
So far this year I: (2005)
  1. Am living alone for the first time in a long time.
  2. Got my first 'real' (with 401k and everything) job.
  3. Realized I will never be done growing up.
Yesterday I:
  1. Played WoW.
  2. Talked to Sheree on the phone.
  3. Wondered if I will ever have children.
Today I:
  1. have seen the movie The Island.
  2. will attempt to not waste anymore of the day as per request.
  3. wish I could be getting 'some'.
Tomorrow I will: & This weekend I will:
  1. work.
  2. sleep.
  3. eat.
In the next year (2006) I will:
  1. maybe go on a cruise.
  2. maybe travel.
  3. maybe win the lottery.
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hisdaffodil From: hisdaffodil Date: July 23rd, 2005 01:38 pm (UTC) (Link)

sounds like a busy year next year.
*meme's herself*
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