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Stupid Good Mood.

I'm at work, and I have enough to keep me busy for today. Tomorrow is another story. So that's a good thing. Mental note: Bring 3 books.

It's raining (with the occasionally flash of lightning) out, as it has been most of the week. There's also a tornado warning, and a flash flood warning for some place in OH nearby. AND THE SPRINKLERS ARE STILL ON. I have faith in humanity yet.

Last night during the storm my power flickered on and off 4 times or something. I need to get a UPS. And maybe a USB headset while I'm at it cause the audio pickup on my webcam is shoddy, not to mention the controls that come with it are kinda substandard. :P

Oh. And I have a turkey club. Yummy sandwich.

You may now carry on. I suppose I should go do work. =)

Oh, mouse update: down another 1. Total count 17? Will wait to see...

(edit: I need to figure out how to make outlook behave when I post by email with it.)

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