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Can't sleep.

When keetures mewl, they really just want attention. Keeture misses being loved.

Anyways. one hour of nap isn't so bad? Mouse count is up till 16 or so now. Weather is hot and icky and on the verge of wanting to rain. Work has been blessedly light (in fact yesterday I read two books at work. ;). For all this good news, I still seem unmotivated. Feel like all I've done lately is whine. Hardly an attractive feature.

I have a WoW icon now. Observe. Seemed appropriate for post, anyways. And I'll leave you with a joke.
The curator of an art gallery asked an artist for a painting depicting General Custer's last thoughts. Two weeks later, the artist unveiled the painting, an enormous canvas with a lovely blue lake painted in its center, with a fish leaping from the water with a shining halo around its head. On the shores of the lake were the most detailed pictures of Indians fornicating. After gaping at the painting for some time, the enraged curator demanded to know what the theme was supposed to be. The artist said, "You asked for a painting of Custer's last thoughts," he explained. "That's it. Custer was thinking, 'Holy mackerel, where did all those fucking Indians come from?'
P.S. Neighbors, DIE.
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