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But I don't want to!

I hate being a good grandson sometimes.

My legs still hurt from when I woke up screaming with a dual charlie horse (one in each leg, calf). it's been over 24 hours. STOP ACHING. Stretching is tricky, I can feel the muscles start to twinge...

Meh. Someone suggested I should have someone rub my legs with warm towels. Sadly, I'm all out of leg warmers. :P That aside, I still felt awfully lonely after I drug myself from dream pain only to find out that it was caused by real pain and not dream raptors (too much WoW). And after I had managed to get past "OW!" and finally rustled up enough willpower to get my spasming legs onto the ground and walk...

Anyways. I'm blithering.

Point being I don't wanna go do the lawn, but it's been two weeks.

Meh. -trundles off- bbiab. Who needs to sleep.
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