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This is one of those nights.

Where I miss having someone to stay up all night with me. Even though I'm at work, I was done with it by midnight. This sort of thing used to happen more regularly, now it happens hardly at all. In that time I've read 4 magazines, finished one book and took 'lunch' which was mostly me sitting in the conference room, staring out at the lake with its fountain. Fairly peaceful, actually. But it would still be nice to chat and whittle the time away with someone else.

Looking forward to seeing Star Wars soon. In about 24 hours I'll be exiting from the theater, my opinion in hand as to how the series ended. I have a strange story to share about Star Wars, actually. I was getting Chinese food after having bought the Ep3 book from borders and while the food was being prepared I was reading the book in the lobby of the restaurant. The cute, very friendly, and somehow not American (this is hard to explain, I mean, yes she was Chinese American, but the way she acted, how she emoted...was not American at all. It is something I attribute to Chinese in particular, orient in general.) girl saw me reading this 'big' (300 page maybe? Hardly large. But this is one of those dichotomies I understand.) book and wanted to know what it was. I showed her the cover, said it was Star Wars and without even pausing she asks me, HONESTLY, if it was a history book and if I liked history.

It took me aback. She was about my age, really. Maybe a bit younger. She spoke English with a faint accent, but nothing I would attribute to not living here in the States. But yet...but yet...she didn't know what Star Wars was. Even my grandparents know what Star Wars is. And I know Star Wars is not an American phenomenon (phenomena?). But here was someone who honestly had no idea. Immediately I wanted to know more about her, her life. How she (her family, really) came to be running a restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana...I don't even know if I can adequately express that I cannot fathom my life without having seen such a pivotal movie as Star Wars, much less the life of someone else. I don't even know if I'm making sense.

And so with that, my morning co-worker is here, I'm still trying to figure out how to express what Star Wars means to my internal landscape, and I think I'll go get breakfast.

Edit: Obviously outlook sucks as an email client.

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