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If you live in, around, or even nearby, or hell. Just want to show up... - Spirit — LiveJournal
If you live in, around, or even nearby, or hell. Just want to show up...
Current Mood: determined determined
PLEASE respond to this entry. ;)

So like this weekend, in Indy, the biggest star wars convention ever is going on. Wonder why..hrm. ;)

But even beyond all that fan geekery, I must ask this.

Advance tickets are on sale. Right now. In fact rave has already sold out one 1201 showing.

My dilemma is not this. It is: How many people want to go? :)

It's a Wednesday showing (may 18th), 1201 a.m. Also, to be fair to my I have to work leanings, it would be easier to go that day later, though if enough people want to do it at 1201 (oh the geekery!) I can take the day off work. ;)

Anyways. Um. Yarm!

P.S. Will travel if necessary. ;)
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wingedpixi From: wingedpixi Date: April 22nd, 2005 05:18 pm (UTC) (Link)
this weekend.... see your confussing .... and i guess im the only one you confuss but anyway ....
lets see.. this weekend im going to visit my college roommate... and to see sin city woooo finally .. and for the love of god dont tell me again its violent ... am i really that blone.. anyway

but see then you said wed may 18th so umm when is it you want ppl?

now may 18th might be doable... the weekend before is the baby shower... and its not june so no conflict with moving in to an apartment possibly so ... humm
well give me an e-mail or possibly there will be too many ppl and the distance from me to you is not convenient ... well whatever.. let me know kay
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