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If you live in, around, or even nearby, or hell. Just want to show up...

PLEASE respond to this entry. ;)

So like this weekend, in Indy, the biggest star wars convention ever is going on. Wonder why..hrm. ;)

But even beyond all that fan geekery, I must ask this.

Advance tickets are on sale. Right now. In fact rave has already sold out one 1201 showing.

My dilemma is not this. It is: How many people want to go? :)

It's a Wednesday showing (may 18th), 1201 a.m. Also, to be fair to my I have to work leanings, it would be easier to go that day later, though if enough people want to do it at 1201 (oh the geekery!) I can take the day off work. ;)

Anyways. Um. Yarm!

P.S. Will travel if necessary. ;)
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