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Nothing Serious.

Jeff's Zodiac Chart!

Didn't get my code done. Don't care. Got 2nd farthest in the class. (There's only 3 of us. *snickers*) Course, my grade for that class, being conservative is going to range from anywhere from 50 (F) to optimistic, 67. (D?) ... *sighs*

Had fun rollerbladin'. I need to figure out how to really skate. Backwards, freeform...just...float. On wheels. Didn't have fun watching nykkit break her arm. Had fun helping Matt and nykkit move. (my muscles are your muscles, baby.)

Got a 92 on my last NumAna2 test. That gives me an A in that class. An A in operating systems. (a 98 on the midterm.)

Not so good with the midterm for DDLab. Gonna have to check out the syllabus and see how the grading works. Doing wonderfully in the real lab portion of that class. I'm kinda depressed about the 68 for the midterm I got...course, it was the second highest grade in the class. My teacher, no offense, is a bastard as far as grading/us understanding him...

He also hasn't quite yet figured out this: The Civil War is over. Get over it.

Anyways. Hrm. I spent 500 dollars today. I hate bills. That'll put some of them off for this month, some not...still not sure how I'm going to get another 300 dollars for my surgery bill in two weeks...

Gotta get gas for the cars.

Got MSN for Bri's Mac. Kinda curious about what people thought this weekend where...*blinks as a bra goes flying across the room*...Bri's concerned. Excuse me. :0

I have to go..check..this out. *nods*
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