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If you wanted to know what I do on Friday nights...

ayradyss (the girl with the scrubs on. ;) I've been rp'ing with since 1997, or so. An old, near, and dear friend. :)

lakos, the man leaning on her with the goatee is her husband, and I've had the pleasure of RP'ing with him for just about as long. :)

phloxin I've been RP'ing with since those two of above went to college. He's the guy with the yellow thing on his shirt. Delightful man, though I hardly know him, much to my detriment. He has the funniest accents!

broken_onewon1 (blue shirt ellisande has her arm on his shoulder), was in the same college group but I never got to RP with that I remember! That probably makes me horrid, but he's around now. Funny man, even if (because?) he likes to blow things up. =) He started to show up for a mage campaign that lakos ran? and hasn't really left since this time around. I blame ellisande of the red hair for that. She, if you read my journal, shouldn't need an explanation of who she is as related to my gaming group (or even me...). :P

ecchikun is also a 'recent' addition. He's the one in front with the white shirt. He likes stargate. What more could you ask for. =)

These are the people I have spent countless nights, weekends, weeks...moments of my life. Some have seen me in the very darkest moments, and some have seen me in the light. Some have known both, unfortunate saps. =)

P.S. quinby and watcher_shadow, I haven't forgotten you. You just weren't there. :) But they two have added their fair share of good times. ;)

This group has been a constant in my life for so long, in a few permutations of the above (the notable missing is alythe, and indeed, she is very notable. ;) that I can't imagine us not doing this! I know eventually this may not be true as life take us apart even further...but I hold out hope anyways. Thank you all so very much for enriching my life and being my friends and doing all the things that friends do.

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