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Happy Valentine's Day LJ!

My favorite holiday is Valentine's for various reasons. I love roses, I love love, I love to love...

Just a great day that celebrates the single strongest emotion that humans have ever known. If people can look past those silly pink hearts anyways. :)

There are quite a few people that I owe some form of Valentine's too, and rather than list you all here, I'm going to try and give you what you deserve as I can. =) This whole working on the weekend thing kinda mushes my ability to prepare! (Yes, yes. I will find excuses for my male-centric behavior. I didn't forget, promise!) Also, I've been spending my free time lately (the past couple of days) working up a RP game. The central world has been around since October 2003, but I've been ironing out details. It's been a while since I've ran any sort of story and I so desperately want this one to work. I have this amazing world set-up (IMHO. ;) and an idea of what I want to do for a plot, but I need to go from ideas to concretes. Those of you in the RP group, feel free to pass the link along to those who may or may not read my LJ. Those of you who aren't in the RP group, well. Don't laugh too much at me/don't read if you're not interested in an alternate universe! =) Also, I need to reacquaint myself with the rules, or at least the setup of said rules as the system is still in question. (D20 or WW ST...)

But I digress. Valentine's. :) Happy Valentine's lovelies. Hope ya'll don't mind late wishes. There is one gift I can give to everyone who reads my lj tho, cheesy at is. Come and visit daimones and check out the new layout. =) My Lady of the Rose wishes to greet you! (edit: I've gone back to my Blue Angel, but for posterities sake: http://www.livejournal.com/users/daimones/?s2id=5617265)

P.S. I'm writing this entry at work and need to share the single silliest instruction I've yet to see on a bol: Do Not Hump! → I disagree with it, since, well. It's Valentine's day. If you can get away with it, please. Do!
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