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I really want a digicam.

I want it so that I can show off the new clothes I've been buying. But I was good. I didn't get the Fall's Creek sweaters that were on sale for 50% off. All three of them. I have a lot of sweaters.

Hello, my name is Jeff, and I am addicted to sweaters. I think they're sexy. Either that or I'm addicted to sexy. Ah hell.

So. What I have gotten in the past couple of days is some boxer-briefs, a blue silk tie (pattern of Asscher cut sapphires on it..), a pair of jeans, a white sweater, an orange fuzzy cuddly sweater, and a slick red shirt. All on clearance. God love sales. I don't know why I got the tie other than that now I have 3 ties I don't wear but once in a blue moon, which is why I can't tie them worth *cough*. Lesigh. I feel less manly admitting I can't knot a tie (at least not without other gentleman scoffing in my general direction). :)

I also got a blue fuzzy comfy bath towel that came with free hand towel and washcloth. Except I left the washcloth at meijers. Oh well. :) At least the bath towel will be better than the one I have now, which is old and fraying. It also once could claim to be fuzzy and green. It's more olive color these days...

I also realized something today, whilst spending. The job I have now pays me less than my last job, but I seem to have more money now. I'm not sure how that works.

Speaking of old job, one of my favourite people from Sirva caught up to me on yahoo the other night. It was fun. She invited me to go out to a strip club with her friends, as she 'somehow sees me surrounded by strippers', but alas, I had to work. The place is sinking, the turn around rate has gotten worse. Doesn't surprise me really. The reason I was fired apparently? One of the supervisors couldn't stand me. So she took the opportunity to get me fired. Also, doesn't surprise me. I didn't like her worthless ass either. :) This was found out because most of the working people wanted me back and ran into the supervisor wall. I caught up on drama.

And today! I got a call for a job interview at a place called Primerica. Considering what they do, I was a bit reluctant to accept, but I figured I'd at least see what comes of it. I want to be in IT damnit, not in sales for investment. So interview on Wednesday, see what they want, what they offer, and what they're willing to pay. (Edit: This seems to be a nasty scheme. Strange that Citibank (who purpotedly owns them?) would have such nastyness about...)

The fucking neighbors are at it again downstairs. BANG, BANG, SLAM, YELL.

At least I don't have to be back to work for another 10 hours. I also hope tonight will be like this weekend. It's nice to get paid for just reading books. :) But I know that is not to be. Sad for your hero.
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