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I cannot seem to sleep properly.

I sit here now, thoughts wrapped up in a blanket of lethargy, realizing that I do this only at my detriment of sleep. And I'm not sure if that sentence is even correct, but oh well. I don't think any English majors read this, though a few anally retentive grammar freaks do.

But I'm digressing.

I realize I promise entries, and they never materialize. I need to work on that. Or stop promising.

Stream of consciousness that should vaguely pertain to 'updates': I'm still as wandering as the rest of us in life. I lost my job at Roadway. Need to find another one, soon. In the meantime, I can use the extra time to get past this crunch time of procrastination and work at school getting the rest of the money they owe me. I so love that job. I want a job in my field so badly. If only I could find one. Got another mice caught. There's still one out and about. I'm thinking about borrowing my mothers kittens to go hunt it down. Never seem to have the time to do all the things I want (remember those entries?). Got another couple of books I want to read while I put Bri through the 'catch up with Jeff's book appetites'. Insomnia and disconnected still all there. School is interesting. Had fun figuring out how to use eval in php to completely get around the idea of having to write an expression parser. It's nice! A bit insecure, you computer junkies may be pointing out, but I'm not going to be using it that way, thanks. So, NumAna2 goes well. Have a midterm in Operating Systems. (I’m gonna ace it.). So that makes two classes I don't have to worry about. That only leaves me a few more that I'm not worried about, I just have to keep up the work and grades so that I don't have to worry. *snickers*

My trip to Georgia was wonderful. The weather was beautiful, and I seem to have brought it back with me to Fort Wayne. Also brought back more stuff of Bri's...managed to get her to clean!..and me too. Did some dishes, got my shit (some of it) put away and what not. I have too many damned curious, not enough shelf-space in here. But I like the busy look, as long as it's not on a 'work' surface. My shelves and incident storage are allowed to be cluttered..

Also brought back an iMac. Thought I brought back a network printer, but I was wrong. :( So, two computers, two people. Should alleviate things, I think. Kinda makes me worried though. I'm possessive of a certain someone's attentions when I want them. *smiles wryly* And I have little right, I suppose, but that doesn't stop me from feeling. Interestingly, that axiom holds true for many things...

We got a lot of interesting talk on the long drive...was good. Very.

Spring is coming and with it I can feel many things besides my desire to be constantly coupling. I have an urge to fight, which should preclude me from being in the same room, virtual or otherwise, with some people...they wouldn't survive my rushes. I have a desire to flee...to run wild. Somewhere, deep down, there is this child of the wind in me, a child that wishes only to drink in the world in a heady rush of sensation that some would term hedonism. It is this child that gives me my poetry, my passion, my other-world nature. And he wants free. Much more than usual, currently....Today I was struck by this as a response to this. It made me feel good to know I still have something..inside me.

And now I've been compiling music and whiling away the time with my beloved instead of sleeping. Damned insomnia. C'est la vie.

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