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Limewire makes me happy.

--Coalescent by Stephen Baxter--
"...we had chanted the countdown together because that was the magic you needed to make the spaceship go."

http://www.livejournal.com/users/brawi/182488.html → Do you need to laugh and up your non-pc points? Read this. =)

http://kytyn.blogspot.com/2005/01/golden-ratio-by-mario-livio-if-you.html → A good book review on a good book. And she's sending it to me. ♥

Just so you know, I really am a Sagittarius. :)

What sign of the Zodiac am I?

Sagittarius 80 %
Taurus 66 %
Pisces 60 %
Libra 60 %
Capricorn 53 %
Virgo 53 %
Gemini 53 %
Leo 53 %
Aquarius 46 %
Scorpio 46 %
Cancer 40 %
Aries 40 %

Take the Zodiac test here!

rubbermaid thermoelectric cooler freezer → I want one of these for car trips. How convenient!
charge2go → For anyone with a cell phone in case of emergency. Only 20 dollars.
sc-x105l x-cam → I don't need one...yet. But I can think of uses!
wherify.com → Mixing cell phones with GPS usefully? Say it isn't so! Also, for kids, check out the bracelets. ;)
w.1 massage chair → There's no main link for it, but it's on the main page as a note. A chair that mixes massage with music? If only it wasn't 4500...And I had the room to put one in my apartment. Oh. And get it up the stairs. But still, I'd love to find one nearby to fall asleep in. ;)
wireless image transfer → No messy cables, just plug into digicam and transfer away. Woot. We may all get crazy cancers and die of strange diseases, but boy, convenience is a great thing. (editor's note: I don't think people get cancer from em waves. ;P)
yp-mt6 → A mp3 player the size of a pack of gum? That gets 45 hours on a AA? Sign me up. It may not have curves, like yonder ipod (an obsession I just don't understand) but hey. :)

Evergreen Car? → 3k laptop batteries? That'd be a bitch to replace, let's hope they don't go bad in cascade! But that aside, this little beastie would be perfect for city driving. And it's sleek, sexy, and has buttons that don't need you to touch them to work. How insanely cool. More tech like this needs to exist, and fast.

http://www.stirlingenergy.com/whatisastirlingengine.htm → Pop-Sci has this great article about this tech, about how it's not meant for end users, it's really meant for supplements to the nations power grid. They also mention that a 10k square mile farm could meet this country's energy needs. Surely we have that much spare space in Nevada or New Mexico that's just dying to be put to good use? :) This new solar tech is incredibly efficient, close to cost effective...what's not to like?!

Maximum Velocity! → We people love things that move, and this is a great compendium of them. From Bamboo being the fastest plant (It also has the highest strength to weight ratio!) to receding glaciers where scientists find 5000 year old moss, it's all here. If you thought your weather was weird, one day for a place in Montana, temperature changed 103 degrees! Six feet of snow in one day anyone?

http://images.ucomics.com/comics/nq/2005/nq050121.gif → This puts a whole new spin on my relationship with my grandparents. One I'd never..quite..thought of before. =)

You know, earlier in the morning, when I woke up and began writing this, I had more things I felt like discussing. But I don't remember them all now. But since I was smart enough to write this one down, we'll talk about this first. caiata and I were discussing tabbed browsing, and I was saying that for whatever reasons when I've tried it I couldn't get into it. I find that XP's behavior of grouping windows in your taskbar is enough for me. A vertical array. M indicated that this just wasn't for her, she enjoyed the tabbed, hence horizontal, even if content wise you get less in the tab. Now, I will admit that the ability to have windows based on content, and then tabs within said window that indicate specific sub-groups of content or interest is an organizational nicety that XP's grouping doesn't allow you to have, and indeed, IE doesn't allow you to have. But it's not one that I've noticed any problems with...While we were discussing that, M postulated that perhaps it's a gender based preference, based on our own preferences as well as perhaps some anecdotal evidence that doesn't amount to hill of beans. :) Or maybe it's psychological...something like...Guys have phallic assertive tendencies, girls are horizontal and submissive. I bet a good researcher could waste money studying this topic. Me, I thought to myself, 'Firefox Plug-in?' :)

I think the subject of this entry is self explanatory...Thank you wingedpixi.

Oh. I know there's one thing I should all tell you about. My brief foray into windows based themes and the utter disaster that I had. But this first starts with Trillian...One of my biggest annoyances is that the current crop of skins for it, except for color, all look the same. Now, don't get me wrong, colors are important. Now, I could use my old skin, but it doesn't handle some of the 3.0 features well, and some not at all. Now, I can accept this, seeing as the skin I like the most is made for the .74 ver. of trillian or something. There are a couple of small mods that bring it up to 2.0, but along the way some of the subtle coloring is against lost. So I've stuck with my old skin for a while. Now, 3.0 comes along, I am happy. After getting annoyed enough at 3.0 and my skin arguing, I figured even if I don't like it as much as my old skin, time to update. So I've been playing with some of the color choices and icon packs. There's a nice one, called Element that's based on a windows theme someone created by the same name. Now, I know I dig the skin...wish it wasn't the Whistler interface, but oh well. Those will be a while, and probably be the Trillian skin designer's 'fault'. So I thought I'd check into it. The skin is a Luna (the windows xp theme) mod. Pretty blue, a bit darker. Not much, but enough. (sadly, I learned later, and if I'd done more research, it doesn't change more than the taskbar stuff, which would have looked goofy with the normally blue explorer windows, so I wouldn't have done this whole little thing. but I digress.) So I take a look and see that it's in the windows .theme and .msstyles and I dl it and attempt to view it. It doesn't work in the little preview window, but I figure that's because I haven't placed it in the proper path. So I do that, take a look again....and somehow, in the process, loose my desktop. EVERYTHING. Except the icons. You'd be surprised by how fascinating your desktop looks when its just icons. In fact, I spent time trying to figure out if I could identify each icon. Everything except the 'go' button on IE. Later I removed a button I obviously don't need, much less use. Again, I digress. The next 3 hours is spent with me frantically attempting to fix this snafu. Thankfully I have access to other computers, and it was only the one profile on my computer that was fubared, as well as that I'm fairly conversant with shortcut keys and general 'layout' (i.e. if you right click, the first and hence, nearest option is close!). I've learned that safe mode, while not running the theme service still loads the last settings, so that was useless...I've learned that the recovery console is useless for similar reasons....I've also learned more about the registry settings than I ever wanted to know. But I did find a place where they discussed my problems and thankfully had little registry 'packs' you could dl and use. It took two of them (all told. I applied one first, that got my desktop back after a restart...the other I had to add so that I could use themes again, as the first one made the classic theme sticky, i.e., if you came back after the computer went to screen saver or whatever, it was back to classic, as opposed to whatever you set it as.) Those we're fun to install since I had to do that with no screen, since XP keeps users religiously locked away from each other. Course, once I got the one installed I could see again, so it wasn't a big deal. I also learned which programs are themed internally as opposed to relying on windows. Like trillian. I could talk on trillian when I couldn't see anything else. It was nice and bright. :) Strangely, notepad isn't quite yet back to normal. The menu items are white, surrounded by grey. and when you click, they surround becomes white too, so it looks really odd. I can live with it tho. :) Hell I wouldn't even had noticed except for the strange white behavior after click.

Moral of the story? Don't play with themes unless you know what you're doing kids. I think what caused it is that MS is anal about their branding and decided, much like they decided to not develop IE anymore until other projects are completed (I mention this because they develop software that people use, but then they don't bother to keep it up to date/meet the desires of their users using it!!), that though they developed a theme service (windows classic, luna (blue, olive, and metallic), and the few Plus! theme packs..) they don't document it at all, and keep it all digitally signed so that only MS styles can use the damn thing. To use 'other' styles, I guess, you need a hacked version of the DLL...and while it seems applying the hack is easy, it can be problematic (automatic updates won't work, they assume yer using hacked copies of windows, you might loose your theme info if windows oh so helpfully 'fixes' your file, etc). I don't want to deal with these problems. Even if I do like the possibility of having better colors, better layouts, etc. Of course, I could pay for one of the very nice packages out there that take care of all these things, and in most cases, add *ON* to the theme stuff provided by windows xp (which really as far as themes go is fairly basic. MS didn't want to develop it, they just wanted something quick and dirty.)...but that requires money I'm not (yet) willing to shell out. =)

Abrupt topic shift. I was working on hobbiton, and in an effort to rid myself of spurious error log messages, I thought I'd put up a favicon for the server. In case you care, take a look (remember kids, if you use *zilla it'll show up beside the url, if you use IE, you have to bookmark the page first). I went through a couple of iterations and ideas...one of which was the One Ring. Sadly, I found no pictures that worked well, and I'm not of the mind to draw my own. I think the little icons are annoying in most cases unless they provide a clear branding. Like LJ's little pencil, for example. As I said, less error log. :) (I'm sure I could probably tell apache to not generate it, but this was more fun.) Along the way, I found this. It's really well done, very pretty, polished. The main page has some gorgeous screen savers, it really does. Take a gander.

*taps his foot impatiently for his w2's* Bills, playstations 2's, digicams, mac mini's....oh what to spend it on!
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