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My Grandmother!

Had a stroke. :(

But. There is no impairment. Apparently all is fine?? She's resting comfortably, I have the room number, and later this afternoon intend to go see her and bring my gift to her. I stopped to get my watch battery replaced at Freeman's Jeweler's here in town, and they're having like a big sale at the store I stopped at. While I was waiting, I was perusing the display cases and saw a gold cross with a white gold Jesus necklace and thought, "My Grandmother would love that." and for $25, I couldn't resist. It didn't have a chain, but my grandma might. If not, I'll get her one. Anyways.

I'm relieved to know she's all right, worried about the whole stroke issue. I mean, what caused it. Could it happen again??

Thank you all for your thoughts and words, I appreciate every word of it.

(Oh, to those who know I'm at Lisa's: She has the flu, and is sick, so we're not going out. *lol* I'm taking care of her by helping her do some chores.)
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