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Grandmothers and Showers.

At first my morning started with the realization that I'd spent most of yesterday in bed. A glorious thing, but a lazy thing to be sure. Also, detrimental to my third shift schedule, but certainly not catastrophic. While in the shower I was wondering about if I'd ever told people that the water in my apartment was broken for two days (I think it was two days?). The end result was a pipe that had finally busted and all water pressure (and the hot water) was being drained down it. Downstairs didn't have a problem at all. This was fixed by the simple expedient of turning off water to this pipe as apparently it didn't go anywhere important? (why have pipes that are pointless...god love old buildings?) Poor grandfather who has to pay excessively large water bill.

Now of course the hot water is hotter, and the water pressure is better.

Downside: It seems to have broken the shower. ;P It's entirely too easy, even being careful with setting the water, to drain all the hot water when taking even a quick shower. AND I HATE IT. I can't even luxuriate in my own shower for more than a few minutes. Add this to reasons why I want to move out of this apartment, right along side with: I hate my kitchen, and I want an apartment where two people can have their stuff and cohabitate without it looking like a fucking dump. Course, temper this dear reader with the knowledge that left to my own devices, I'm a neat freak. I'm not obsessive about it, but I am a neat freak.

Now. I get out of the shower and find out that my grandmother has went back to the emergency room. Went back you say? She had a (cold) for the longest time and finally the family convinced her it was more than that, due to duration, and they took her to the hospital with her consent. It was fluid around the heart due to her heart condition. She was there for two days, supposedly was fine and well (as well and fine as someone can be with fluid and a heart condition?). She came back yesterday, I was going to see her this morning. In fact, besides my wanting to go see Lisa as she requested for unspecified things (I think she wanted to surprise me.) it was my main reason in being lazy yesterday (beside that I've been dirt tired) and getting up this morning feeling rested. I may talk about my grandfather more, but that doesn't mean I love my grandmother any less!!

Apparently my grandmother had gotten up this morning early (as she normally does) and was down in the kitchen making breakfast. My mother was in the basement doing laundry. My mother was talking to my grandmother, went downstairs briefly, heard 'kerthud' and rushed back upstairs after hearing no confirmation from my grandmother. She had collapsed in the kitchen. She was able to talk, though blurry and slack jawed, and a bit incoherent. Apparently coherent enough to tell my mother that she needed to go back to the hospital. So my mother got my grandfather up (who accompanied her to the hospital) and called the 911 people whom arrived in short order (with fire truck in tow?). Apparently even one of my grandparents day care kids slept through the whole thing. :) My aunt who arrived to help with the daycare is going to keep me updated...

Ah hell. I hope it was just the medication...something like her blood pressure just dropped and she collapsed. Not a stroke. Please not a stroke. I love you Grandma.

And it figures. When I need medical consoling, ayradyss isn't around. At least Lisa is a nurse, so I'll ask her.

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