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I believe this is worth a post all of it's own.


And just so I'm not completely wasting your time, I'll waste it some more...

In the year 2005 I resolve to: Spend more time snuggling puppies.

Get your resolution here

http://www.fluffytails.ca/christmas.asp → This is pretty funny. Hell, the entire site is great. But this is funny.

I am nerdier than 84% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

--Crystal - DJ on radio station 92.3 The Fort--
Bill Clinton only sent 2 emails during his entire presidency.
Space is 62 miles away. :)
1 billion birds crash into buildings every year. (htf do they figure this one out...)
Desert Locusts can travel 120 miles in 24 hours.
Bill Clinton didn't learn to ride a bike until he was 22. (and I thought I was slow for 7..)
1 in 100 workers spend lunch having sex.
DYK: A jiffy is 10 milliseconds. (To computers, anyways.)
World record of squirting liquid from one's eye: 8.7 ft In dispute. A Turkish man claims he got 9.2.
Pablo Picasso was arrested in suspicion of stealing the Mona Lisa.
More tourists die falling from their hotel balconies than diving accidents.
John Kerry and George Bush shared the same debate coach in school.

Oh, my own randomness to be happy about. My server is up and running. I already had someone attempt a buffer overrun. Now to customize, twiddle, and beat apache into the ground, all so I can write scripts as they appeal to me. Need to find decent IP tables tool / learn how to set them up myself. Currently my firewall is pretty standard, i.e. mean. Need to get sftp running.

Oh. Another thing. I'm working on Thursday and Friday evening of this week, people. So I won't be around quite as much.

I need to undo damage I did with my last post later, as well.

P.S. alythe? I never see you online anymore, and this is for you.
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