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Don't look a Geek in the Mouse.

When Jeff's are not quite fully awake, such wonderful prose comes forth.

I neglect my journal so. I spend much time cosseting it, in fact, if you care to visit my journal (daimones) you can see what I've done to the place. Needs work, I grant you. Also, tinarobin, that URL I sent you? I'm so thinking about taking that idea and turning that into my journal. What do you think? Wouldn't that look so cool?

Now, what was I. Oh yes. I neglect it so. I spend much time making sure the paper is just so, the ink just right against the grain...but I forget to write in it. Some of that would be the limited time I have available to me, combined with my moods during that limited time. I spend so much time staring at a computer looking at what *I* type into it at work, that I don't want to do a more mental version when I get home. Forgive me.

Now, the reason I'm writing this entry at the ass-crack of dawn. (okay, 8 a.m. but I was awake at bored at 5 a.m., do I get a cookie...!!!...hisdaffodil, I got your cookies. And your, um. Lego? :) Did you pilfer that from work? ;) Regardless. It's neat. You don't often see colors as vibrant as that in the legos you buy. It's really cool. Sadly, the girl that came with it didn't get any hair. So she has a flower..propeller..thing, for hair. Beautiful present. Thank you.)

I have a tree! Bri, in her wisdom, decided to get a tree. She thieved the money from me in the night (sometime around 4.p.m.) and came back tree in tow. She got it at a steal, it's a tree type I love, but can't normally get because they're too expensive. But for 20 dollars for a 6, 7 foot tree, I'm not complaining. Also, as I was saying, she's right. It does make Christmas, having the scent of pine in the house. I felt Christmasy earlier when I wrote a large portion of my Christmas cards, but this is somehow better, although less glowy in the heart as I write sweet things to people.

To the internet world of whom I owe presents and cards, you will get stuff. Just won't be on Christmas time. Forgive me. :) (to the rl world whom reads my journal, I have presents for some of you as well. Oh quinby....;)

Oh. Ass-crack. I'm leaving for Atlanta, GA, because I said I would go, and truth be told, I like it down there. The only thing I'm not liking conceptually is the short jaunt we are being forced to take to Alabama to meet with the Bri other family whom I've never met. (Do you know, it makes me happy when I use whom. And woe betide the Grammar Nazi's!) Not even the 12 hour drive down bugs me. The 12 hour drive back might, but only because I have to go straight from it to work. I'm pondering trying to see vacillate while I'm down in the neighborhood. I miss her. She broke her ribs and has not been seen much since, except in glimpses of a shadow already faded away.

So that's where I'll be. In an effort to maintain my vaguely 3rd shift schedule, I may be online late at nights while the rest of the household slumbers. For those of you whom only talk to me through IM, just drop me an email if you want me to talk to you, since I likely won't have the IM available to me in any meaningful way.

Also, in other news, Fedora Core 3 is out. This make me happy, yarm.

Since I can't say this to you on proper, or may not be able to....Merry Christmas all. If any of you would like an online personalized message with all the reasons I wish love and good cheer on you, drop a message. :)
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