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Can you tell what magazines I get?

http://www.codecsys.com - Why use one, when using them all is so much better. :)
http://www.tagheuer.com/basel2004/monacov4.lbl → OMFG. This is the coolest watch -ever-.
http://www.dodge.com/gallery/img/magnum/enlarge_1.jpg → I kinda dig this new Dodge Magnum. *ponders*
http://www.bentleygt.com/flash.jsp → You're probably english, so choose english. This car is sexy. SEXY.
http://www.autogaudy.com/Exotic%20cars/pics%20Lotus%20Elise%20USA/2005%20Lotus%20Elise%20USA%201.jpg → Course, this is sexier. 2005 Lotus Elise. Completely impractical. ;)
http://www.youngbabez.com/mercedes/slk/newtitel.jpg → Course, the 2005 Mercedes slk 350 isn't half bad either.
http://www.chevrolet.com/pop/corvette/hud_en.jsp → This is a feature on the new corvette. HUD. How fucking cool is that.
http://www.popsci.com/popsci/bown/2004/autotech/article/0,22221,750663,00.html → This is a fascinating article on Amar Bose. It's worth reading. And you too can get paid to sit around and think. =)
http://www.gentex.com/wn_smartbeam.html → Don't you hate having to flick your beams on and off? Let the car do it for you. :)
http://www.lightscribe.com/index.aspx → Ever wanted to just burn your label directly onto a cd? Not fuss with that stupid printer label and application device? Then this is for you. Just like the pro's!
http://akimbo.com/ → When this becomes more full fleshed, it'll be great. Just download the stuff you want to watch to your computer. Voila!
http://www.tfc101.com.tw/english/taipei/introduce/introduce.htm → There is a pendulum in this building to keep it upright. Sweet.
http://revengeofthemummy.com/ → Woot. mummies meet linear induction.
http://thestore.adidas.com/cgi-bin/adilive/olc/search-results.w?result=adidas1&type=word&nocache%3D72986# → Click on the picture of the shoe. A shoe with a microchip. *boggles*
http://flybar.com/pages/index.html → The pogo has grown up. Sexy.
http://coronadofilters.com/ → If you've ever wanted to look at the sun through a telescope. :)
http://freethemeat.org/ → Okay, flash. But. It's worth it. I mean, aside from the great website name, anyone who loves to marinate meat will dig this. Fucking awesome.
http://www.maytag.com/mths/products/product.jsp?model=MCG8000AWW&cs=0&BV_UseBVCookie=Yes → Someday. Then I will never have to use the drycleaners again! Or iron. OH THE BEAUTY!
http://sontra.com/technology/nooninvasivedevice/ → Dr. Mcoy would be proud. Hypospray!
http://concentric-medical.com/Products.html → Corkscrew for clots! Check out the video at the bottom of the page.
http://neuropace.com/product/overview.html → Have seizures? Let us program your brain so it works.
http://www.cyberkineticsinc.com/braingate.htm → What, you're paralyzed? Let us intercept those nuerons that tell your broken legs to move and move your wheelchair forward for you.
http://www.tycofireandsecurity.com/Internet/view.jsp?news_id=953 → The ability to do fire supression without either damaging equipment or causing the enviroment to seize up and die until now has not existed. This is cool.
http://www.freescale.com/files/abstract/article/LEADERSHIP_UWB.html → UWB technology. Take that you silly 802.1g :P
http://www.ambientdevices.com/cat/products.html → I think this had made my journal before, but a lightbulb that turns blue if Alton is on tv?! oooh yeah.
http://www.thistothat.com → Ever wondered how to stick this to that? VOILA! All the guess work is gone.

dyk: herrings communicate through flatulence. Fascinating!

God. What will those crazy scientists come up with next. I love this world. There is so many fascinating things in this world...I wouldn't even know where to start. I could write and write and write about all those things up there. But I thought I'd let you all just go and be in awe yourself.

I learned to hate all flash sites. They're hard to link to the parts that matter.

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Dreams have got to stop being so stupid. We have the one where I, grandma, and other people I knew from college are hanging out. Or! Where I and others are trying to teach barbarians the scripture. They're sitting in a roman style arena, listening to us. They get angry, come down, kill people. We pull spears out of people's heads. Or my dream of this morning. There was me, two girls, and shrek (I don't have any fucking clue). When we went into a store to try stuff on for Prom, I ended up in a threesome with the girls (and damn.) while Shrek called out tips. He's married and taken after all? WTF is wrong with me.

And now I have the rest of the week off. Yay. Sadly, boss couldn't/wouldn't give me Monday nights off. But I did get my half hour rollback. Yay. I so need to get TIVO. I want stargate!!! Waiting to hear on my debt conslidation efforts...they were supposed to call me today, but didn't.

Not sure what I'm going to do now. So confused.
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