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A brief explanation.

From Tegne - Soul Warrior by Richard La Plante
What others teach, I also teach; that is: "A violent man will die a violent death!" That will be the essence of my teaching. - Lao Tsu

"Do not rush, for nothing is gained by violent movement, whether it be of the mind or of the body."

I always thought for some reason, and I'm sure most of my friends have as well, that when this moment came it'd be full of drama. Instead, we'll just be simple.

I'm no longer dating ellisande. In the future, there will be sad, maybe even angry posts. But for now, that's it. This will make some sad, most happy. I don't particularly feel like explaining the whole situation either. Somethings I just have to accept, no matter how much I would like not too.

Update: My work schedule is now Sat: 1730 → 0600, Sun: 1830 → 0700, Mon & Tue: 2200 → 0630. I may change my weekday times to be 2130 → 0600, and furthermore may contemplate changing days to Tue and Wed for the sole purpose of not missing Stargate on Monday nights. Sad, I know. The half hour shift backward has to do with the way work flows into the queue at work. Basically, at some point in the night, the queue freezes and no more paperwork comes in. So you can just work the queue. At 6:15, stuff comes back in. It is really frustrating to have to do that for 15 minutes. We'll see if my boss will mind.

P.S. My last entry I posted the Serenity poem. I've used it before, a long time ago, in another entry: http://www.livejournal.com/users/daimones/19074.html. I read that and chuckle because it seems like a long circle.

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