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What lies ahead.

Swift decisions are virtuous, unless they have irrevocable consequences.

Love had compromised his bravery...Hopelessness had returned it to him in good order.

Four thousand kilometers through hostile territory? Alone? Generally, suicide missions at least had the advantage of being brief.

Victory needs no explanation; defeat allows none.

I have recently realized I wish I had documented the source of all of my random quotes. Ah well, can't undo that which I've already done.

Avril Lavigne has entirely too many songs that are evocative of feelings I've felt at various times in the past couple of days. There are others from other bands...music has become a salvation for me. Mostly because when I'm at work, my mind needs something, anything...and it saves me from thinking. =)

It's so mindnumbing at work. Have I mentioned this? ugh. Though! I've gained a promotion of sorts. Friday I go into work for a couple of hours of overtime to finish training and be certified on accessorials. Then I can work any hours I want to. Well, I still have to work the big ass 12 hour 3rd shifts on the weekends. But I can take the work during the weekdays whenever I want. For my sanity, I'll probably choose Monday and Tuesday, third shift.

And now Bri is playing with my nipples. She's a very strange lady. Poor thing is sick and clammy. But she still made me lemonade. And nothing under the sun will stop her from grooming me. It's been kinda nice the past couple of days. She wants to snuggle me all day long. :) I think it's a ruse. But I don't care! Snuggles are good. The other night we went and saw James Earl Jones (yes, that James Earl Jones. Big black man. Deep voice. He was talking about freedom through literacy. Good stuff.) and since we were all dressed up, we went out to eat. Yay for Casa's!

Sema has been incredibly stupid lately. I'd just thought i'd let you know. Then again, so has everything else. :) I think it's the season.

Got my thanksgiving and birthday plans all settled in. Will be nice and quiet. Just me and my mom and Bri. Might stop by my aunts and eat some of my cousin cooked meal. Apparently Allison wishes to cook the meal herself.

Lisa is supposedly recovering well from her surgery, so that's also good news. There's this string of cancer that appeared amongst friends and relatives of people I know. It needs to stop. Cancer is no fun.

Strangely, I feel like part of the issues in my life are like a cancer. I've decided to stop fighting it, will just watch as the disease spreads. Eventually I'll heal, one way or the other (death!)

Yay. Cryptic. :) Ah, speaking of: Jesus, I'll stop persecuting you. T'was never my intent. May life without crucificition suit you. =)

On a final note: I need to figure out how to setup the server I have the way I want it. From the outside, currently I only want ftp, telnet, and http to work. Inside, I really only need samba to act as a drive. Well, and telnet. And since I want some of this on the outside, I need to make sure things are secured. I've never been overly good at security.

I think that's enough of random fire babble. Though I could do some more. But I'm sure nobody wants to read it.

"Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference."

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