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I hate mornings.

I really, really do.

So, a lil early morning update while I wait for the clock to tick by. And hopefully this way I don't fall back asleep...

http://www.student.ipfw.edu/~simodk01/Geek.htm - 2290 (rules. ;)/2630 (ultimate total!)

http://www.innergeek.us/ -> 54.43787%

ramwey: you know, as manly as pro wrestlers are, you'd think they wouldn't wrestle wearing panties and gogo boots.
ramwey: that's all i had to share. g'night

What kind of villain would you be?
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Your evil powers/skills Weaponry expertise.
Chances of taking over/destroying world - 64%
This cool quiz by tea_chan - Taken 49270 Times.
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No thought based items here. Too out of it for that. On Tuesday I find out about a temp to hire job at this place: http://www.trnswrks.com. Doesn't pay as much as my last job, but. Transworks is the IT department / company of Triplecrown, which isn't 'just' a trucking company, it's actually a big old railroad company. In fact, currently, they just landed a big ol deal apparently with Canadian Pacific. So the job is just document control, specifically at the moment just indexing (taking already scanned documents and making sure they're attached in the system to where they're supposed to go.). They have a pretty sweet little software package for it all. Much nicer than anything Roadway used (that I am aware of. ;). First day, once I get used to everything, my boss' boss has me come into his office, sets me down and says: 'You've got a pretty impressive resume. Bachelors in Computer Science...' blah blah. He asks me what I want to do, and why I'm -there-. I answer honestly, say I would like in the long term to get my masters, and further, but in the short term, I haven't been able to get a good IT job and I would relish the opportunity to get some experience and become a valuable asset to a company. He nods and says 'We might have something for you.' He then takes me on a tour of their lil office. Real programmers!! Working in environments I recognized!! People seem interested and very friendly. There were even girls. ;) Though the only on 'my' age works beside me indexing... I even got a tour of the server room. *swoon* A real server room. With UPS the size of overly large entertainment centers. Battery backups. Alarmed entrances, sensors, raise floor tiles, cable coming in off trunks, on wire cages. Labeled! Network diagrams! Fiber there, telephone there, Ethernet here! Kick ass IMB p servers. Did I mention this place is a backbone UNIX house? ;) Woot!! I even got to meet the President and the CIO, the CIO I had an interesting conversation about programming languages with. Though I think I f* up. I shouldn't have mentioned Java in such a negative light. :( Need to keep my big mouth shut. It's funny, my boss' boss knows nothing about IT. (neither really does my boss, though she does have a son my age (as do 3 other people so far in that place, ugh) who is an Engineer. Discussed with her why engineers and CS don't get along with each other, she concurred with anecdotal evidence from her son.)

So that was all =really=really= cool. Hopefully it goes somewhere. In the meantime, I'm temporarily working again and still looking.

Came home vaguely motivated. Missed my UPS delivery for my cat5. was annoyed. Setup to pick up my cable at the UPS store when the driver got back from his route. Driver instead stopped by my house and redelivered for me since he had to go by my area anyways, apparently. Was sweet. Reinstalled cat5 into second bedroom (yay, attic. Did you know I have a skeleton of a bird or a bat up there?). Now I have more blinkies as Bri put it. Or rather, just a server in another room. Redhat, here I come.

Can't wait for trillian 3.

Yay, it's 7 a.m. This means food, clothes, and work going soon. Oh, work addendum. Weird shift. normally: t & w: 800 to 1630, sa 1730 to 600, su - 1830 to 700.
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