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Need to remind self to use lj's photohosting.

Anyways. I apologize to the gaming group, as once again, I don't think anybody got told of our not going to be around'ness. We're down in Atlanta.

I don't know why I enjoy it down here so much, I really don't. Maybe because it's a vacation, maybe because it's someplace where I don't have to take care of everything...I don't know. I offer to help, but so far all I've been able to do is chauffeur their car. Which is nice, cause I love driving their Vue (Saturn's SUV). I know this makes me a bastard, but it's still cool. I've come to the conclusion that I'm too practical to ever buy a non-fuel efficient car. On the other hand, I would love to have a Humvee. :) Damn my American Dream tendencies!

A short note: This is the most charged political campaign that I can remember in quite some time (though to be fair to those older than I, I can really only remember 4?). I won't say where I stand, though anyone who knows me knows. But I will quote a dispatcher who said the greatest thing when I was talking to her. "First it was the Republicans. Now it's the Democrats. Nobody cares. I don't care who they are, under God, get them out of here." Now she meant because they're fucking up traffic and package delivery, but I can't agree more with the sentiment.

No quotes this time around, mostly cause I'm on dialup that will only get 26.4, no matter what number I tell it to use amongst the numbers MSN provides. It's a f* conspiracy, I'm sure. And because of this restriction, I've already closed out of my email and don't have the fortitude to go open it again. Instead, just some thoughts.

Why can't I shut me off? Maybe it's the movie I'm watching, I don't know. Is it right to see the stars in the crook of a finger? Or the lack thereof...is it right to enjoy just sitting in the sun, eyes drifting into the little slit of water that's a window into a crystal clear pool, mostly covered by a dirty pool cover? It's peaceful and entirely not useful. =)

On the other hand, I've been enjoying shopping. I was at a petstore and I saw that you can buy emperor scorpions for $15. And I thought to myself: I want one. Snakes and scorpions and little green darty lizards. And cats and dolphins! Course, then later that day we saw a particularly gross segment of Whose Line Is It Anways where there were people being covered by bugs..and I think it was there I saw this little waif of an oriental girl covered in scorpions...she was even taking one in the mouth and I thought to myself: Damn. That's sexy.

I don't know where I'm going with this, or even if there's anywhere to go. maybe just a chronicle of my time so far here spent. I want to at least see Cindy while I'm here, who knows how that will go. Feels like the equation must balance to 0, right? :)

Blah. Shoulda stuck to talking about the pool and the Vue. (a subtle pun, pardon.) I'm tired of depressing people, tired of angering people, tired of disappointing them. Apparently amongst my friends, my grumpyness, unhappiness, and such are things of legend. Of course they all still love me (which is nice and right and proper, huzzah!) but they don't tell me about my obvious character flaws. I need to make myself better, obviously. Cept I'm not even certain where to do that. Curmedgeoncritic.com is a great thing to be funny about, even *gasp* critical, but it shouldn't be a way of life that makes people afraid of me. Afraid of telling me the truth...

So. Off to staring at little blue slivers of water, driving neat cars, and relaxing. By god I've earned it! Hell. I'd rather talk about politics than blither on depressingly. Maybe Bri's dad can use some help outside, a place I've always loved.

Things I have not done this summer that I wanted to do: Cedar Pointe, (camping, canoing, caving). Anyone care to help me redress these wrongs before all time is lost? :)

Everything, really, is good. I just think too much. And most of the times I love it, but part of the reason I love being outdoors and active is that it doesn't leave much room for anything other than the activity. Becoming lost in it. It's so nice. I need a factory job. :)

Or a job in Hawai. Now that couldn't be all bad, could it? :)

(edit: Check out http://daimones.livejournal.com and see what I've done to the place. Not much, but the little things I hope put some shine on it.)

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