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Insert curse words here.

In an effort to be more sanitary, all curse words will be removed.

http://www.livejournal.com/users/nminusone/3515.html <= This is hilarious, go read it. You'll learn something about your fellow LJ'ers!

Right in itself has no authority, but follows might as the smoke the wind.

As soon as a thing is named, its essence is limited, if not lost, for nothing is limited to its name.

No society that places the individual above itself will survive; but neither will any society that places the individual below itself.

Those who err without understanding shall die without comprehending.

Freedom and ignorance are incapable of long coexistence.

The shape of a container is not the nature of that which is contained.

The passion for analysis does not reflect upon the accuracy of the analyzer.

The world is a mirror lit by consciousness: in the darkness it is empty.

You may know your body, but you are not your body.

Those who praise honesty have not felt its knives.

The body senses reality; the mind interprets it; trust your body.

The difference between truth and honesty is the difference between the riverbed and the river.

Human beings presume questions have answers; the universe does not address such presumption.

The stellar dream...the dream that nothing is beyond the souls and aspirations of [people]? Such fragile arrogance...

"All dreams are dreams of vanity. All dreams are a search for meaning beyond impermanence. Even a long-lived [person] is mayfly on a universal scale."

Each person believes in self-uniqueness: snowflakes are equally unique.

You could call the second law of thermodynamics the thermodynamic arrow of time, in that what intelligence perceives as time always proceeds along the direction of entropic decay.

The basic concept of 'truth' as exhibited in human culture indicates the deceptive nature of your species. IF an object exists or an action indeed took place, then why do you need to protest the 'truth' of its existence unless you need to distinguish the truth from events which did not take place? And why would you need to make such a distinction unless you are in the habit of frequently representing that which was not as having been?

The universe's purpose, although that implies a sentient volition which I have not been able to ascertain, appears to be formless entropy. Intelligence opposes formless entropy. More focused and mobilized intelligence can effect more opposition...

What do beauty and truth share? ... Both are subjective. Both in the extreme are unattainable ideals. Both move people, not always in the most socially desirable paths.

Unattainable ideals will oppose formless entropy.

Passion acts in search of what cannot be attained.

[People] attain things which substitute for the vision of the unattainable. That is why the truly great are so often miserable, because they realize at last that their best achievements will always fall below their visions. Yet without those visions...

To pursue excellence is an admission that one is not perfect and that perfection needs far greater effort. Most self-aware entities wish praise for their present state of being or achievement, not that acknowledgement that they will always fall short of excellence or perfection. Therefore, the pursuit of excellence is always lonely. Those who achieve some small measure of perfection are ignored, or praised and quickly forgotten, or deified so that other entities can rationalize their lack of perfection by their lack of deity.

http://hokev.brinkster.net/quiz/default.asp?quiz=Better%2BRelationship&page=6&xr=0&ps=10&yi=10&tg=10&key=show <- This is my relationship type. What do *YOU* think? :)

It occurred to him that morals might have more behind them then mere 'happiness and light.' <- No shit Sherlock.

So today I nearly t-boned a guy who ran a red light while the other side had been green for a while. Just decided he'd make it through the intersection, I guess? ****** (for your pleasure.)

Also, my grandmother sobbed on my shoulder because of the stupid basement flooding that's costing them an arm and a leg to fix. Hopefully this will do it. My hope level? Low.

Stupid people who call and don't tell me why their calling? **** you. I want your company name you *******.

******* routers that won't ******* post/give me a link light when you start up? Screw you. You have one more chance when I'm more awake.

God today has pissed me off. Oh, and did I mention I have 4 hours before I have to get up again to be in to work?

OH! And did I mention that I can't be late in the next 2 months or they'll probably fire me. And if I make it through said 2 months...they'll hire me permanently. WTF sorta logic is that.

I so cannot, absolutely, cannot wait for labor day weekend. I get to sleep in Bri's bed. Swim in a pool. And take that you ******* world.
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