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I can have conversations about toasters.

"Everything you love about them scares and terrifies you at the same time." - on women

Corporate Attorney; 125k+bonus. "After taxes, bills, and NY rent, you'd be surprised at how far it doesn't stretch." - 25 yr old chick.

"Missionary sex is like drinking a Budweiser--simple and good. ... But you do have to make sure your breath is nice."

Besides, passive resistance allows men to assume that woman's orgasm is a nice perk instead of a basic sex necessity. "If he's heading toward the finish line, I'll poke him and say, 'you're not allowed to come until I do. Ladies first.' If I'm not getting the same result he is, I feel irrelevant." As the always-quotable Samantha said on Sex and the City, "When I RSVP to a party, I make it my business to come."

My coworker - "How come you never hear about ugly missing people? Or poor ones.."

(Women) spend so much of their time fretting over tiny body issues--from cellulite bumps to armpit stubble--but the general consensus among women was this: Most guys don't notice--they're just happy that you're naked!

"As my dad always said, anything and everything is possible in the morning. I'd never been a morning person."

"Prince Charles asked me if I was in the original Star Wars. I was like, 'What are you smoking?' It was very funny." - Natalie Portman

"I don't miss myself from the '90s. I don't miss any of my boyfriends. Or husbands." - Shannen Doherty

"They wrote, 'Die bitch' in shoe polish on my sidewalk. I mean, I had friends...It was only that group of mean girls that now work at Hooters." Jessica Simpson on high school friends.

"One night I saw this man chase a prostitute who stole his wallet. He caught her in the valet parking area, but she'd taken off her shoes to run, so she just hit him with her high heels until blood was gushing from his face."

"As an activist, you find ways to protest that the system can't deal with. You throw a brick through a window, and they can immediately classify you as an angry radical. You offer to fuck them, and they're not sure what to do."

We're not in a culture war with al qaeda, we're in a religious war. Muslim extremists don't care about or obsession with Britney; they care that we coddle a corrupt Saudi regime, invade Muslim countries and support Israel.

"If (Bin Laden) wanted an intifada in the US, he could have had one a long time ago: car bombs, snipers, destruction of gas stations. In a society like America, that's a simple thing to carry out. It says to me he has something bigger in mind."

Sex Position? "The Preacher". This one's great. It's very nasty, but at the end - when it gets awkward and you feel deep shame - you receive total absolution and tickets to heaven!

Little girls with Barbies and Internet power-gamers have something in common: What they really like is playing dress-up.

Omahyra garcia - She looks like a woman who could f* a man to death. "You know, I tried to do it before too." She says. =) ... She's a legendary catwalker, too, stalking the runway with hypermasculine energy and posing with intent to injure.

blend jolly ranchers, vodka, and ice = drink!

slice, a car remodler. "A lot of celebrities have money but no imagination. I don't want to deal with them. I got a lot of problems, but money ain't one of them. Snoop's got ghetto flavor. I've seen him take nothing and make something."

More ribs snapped. He felt little pain. One tends to ignore such distractions when struggling to stay alive.

http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/story?id=6388324&pageid=rs.Politics&pageregion=single6 <- This man is a psychopath.

http://www.blogthings.com/indiana.html <- For all you Indiana folks. ;)

sparks: energy drink + alcohol = good? (http://www.drinksparks.com/main.html)

http://vermontspirits.com <- Vodka made from maple syrup. Got my attention!!

http://ultimateears.com <- They'll make custom fit ear pods. How neat is that!

http://wheelmanworld.com/ <- This looks interesting...

http://fthevote.com <- Remember that activist comment about fucking?

http://bushbop.com/ <- Who wants one? :)

I don't have much else to say.

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