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Oh my god.

Doom 3 rocks.

This is all. For now.

Well. HASH(0x8ab137c)
Name the era, and you can name every artist from
it. You've got an eye for design and a knack
for feng shui. Color schemes, architecture, and
objt d'art - these are all your forts.
What people love: You're the perfect person to shop
What people hate: They have to clean their house
whenever you come over.

What Kind of Elitist Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

"You don't believe in the existence of sin, do you?" "I believe in the existence of reckless stupidity."

"We're all either pilgrims or martyrs. In my experience, it's better to be a pilgrim."

-->These are questions from a trivia game.
"What's a five point buck?" "Coffee?"

"What happens when you cut lettuce with a knife?" "You get half a head?"

...so that she could see the exact shape of his skull: a phrenologist's dream date. <- Oh baby. ;)

Having to destroy first worlds and then stars was a sign of slippage, an unforgivable lapse in attention. It was the sort of thing that might result in a group of wolves being ostracized, denied the latest tips in extinction management. <- Oh damn. What a shame!

Oh. And I bought all the NWN stuff too, because I'm a sheep. =)

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