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I use LJ cut so strangely.

"I could turn on just about any television channel in Europe and see full nudity. And their crime rate is a lot lower than ours. So go figure." -- Nelly

women have also used lye and poison as depilatories (and you thought waxing hurt).

She did not like planets at the best of times, and gas giants stuck her as an unreasonable affront to human scale and frailty.

So, with that out of the way. I had an absolutely marvelous time with the ever so beloved wingedpixi. I spent some quality time with my godfather on the way there too. It was good to catch up with him, and his wife was pleasant. They had a marvelous cat, and two very cute dogs. They had a third dog that didn't want to come see me. I apparently scare jack terriers.

Driving was nice, except going east it ruined the whole American Dream thing by having monsoon season. There were times when I was going like, 30 on a highway, unable to see more than a few feet of space out there. Once I got out of that, t'was fine. Rolled down the window and enjoyed with the radio up loud. I've said it before, I'll say it again. There is something exhilarating about miles and miles of terrain in front of you and your decision to cross it. As long as you're awake. :) Then it becomes tedious and you want it to end. RIGHT NOW! Which is how I was the last hour or so of my trip back. Also, it would be nice if the restaurants on toll roads in Ohio were 24 hours. I got hungry late at night and nowhere to feed myself. :(

I only got lost once on this entire trip and that was because mapquest is dumb and I, even dumber, did not verify said directions with my host. So once that all got straightened out, I arrived. Laura's friends have the cutest place, they really do. Their cat is beautiful. I would show you pictures, but like...the digicam sucks. The night time photo's I took of the Pittsburgh skyline didn't turn out so bad though. Hard to mess those up, I suppose. It'd be nice to have a real digicam. ;) So you can see the pictures that are nice. Oh. Eliza is the puppy dog. There was another puppy, Zeke, but he left with his owners (he was just visiting too) and I never got a picture of him. http://student.indtech.edu/~jmelvill/images/PixiTrip/

So that's the picturefest, such as it were. Mostly we hung out and watched movies and TV. Ate good food. She hadn't seen the Last Samurai, so we got that. Second time through gave me the chance to pay attention to many of the subtle things in it. Made me think about honour and duty and life. What happened to such...simple...yet encompassing passions, such as Bushido. Has that never been a western way of thought? Do we have anything like it...Sad to say, I don't think our 'culture' such as it were has evolved to that point. Anyways.

Also Spider-Man 2 with Laura's family. Easy to see where the good lookin' genes came from. :) They were friendly and fed me. I liked them! They also had a cute puppy named Molly whom thought she could get food from me, because I was the new guy. Silly puppy. Also learned that Laura knows more about Spider-man then I do. Much more, in fact. hell. She knows more about x-men then I do. I somehow feel less man-geeky. :) She filled me in on character bios and other neatness about spider-man and x-men whilst we discussed plot thrusts and things we'd like them to do with the movies, but probably never will. Or will bungle horribly in search of movie-dom. Like Peter getting MJ.

So. Ye olde trip was all full of the good things in life. Sun, rest, good food, good company...if I had any more hair on my feet and ate more, I could be a hobbit! Well. I'd have to be shorter. So maybe I could indulge in the hobbit way of life. It's good to visit on occasion.

Oh, strange side note. Having a puppy curled up with you all night is strangely reassuring. Even if my allergies haven't yet forgive me for the pain I put them through. I might have clear sinus passages eventually.

Thank you pixikins for the trip. We'll have to do it again sometime. Maybe with a better digicam. :) You make an excellent tour guide!

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