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To talk about all the nasty things that have happened to me would take far longer than I want to on this lj currently.

So we'll just stick with

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"I love surprises. Don't you?" Well, yes, otherwise I'd never have volunteered for active duty in the first place. Which is why, half an hour later, I find myself standing on a purple-painted hotel staircase beneath a portrait of Martin Heidegger, breathing through an oxygen mask and waiting to follow a dumpy little traced robot, half a platoon of territorial SAS, and an armed hydrogen bomb through a rip on the space-time continuum.

The lake is probably liquid nitrogen -- don't walk on any shiny blue ice, it'll be frozen oxygen and the heat from your feet will flash-boil it. Oh and it's diamagnetic: your compasses won't work." ... "Thank you for that reminder. Any more compelling insights into why the laws of physics are not our friends?"

Of all the job openings he'd tried to fill over the years, this was the toughest. Something about a transitional economy made it terribly difficult to find high-grade, dependable killers.

"I turn red when fans throw underwear at concerts. I still don't know how to pick up panties in front of thousands and be cool." -- Marc Anthony

"Tan lines are so terrible. I want to be naked in Mexico with a margarita." - Vanessa Carlton (by all means.)

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See, wasn't that fun?

Firefest rocked. For those of you whom don't know, firefest is the annual, let's get together (30 to 40 of us) and blow stuff up fest that a couple of friends of mine put together. This year, as usual, the fireworks rocked. Thanks be to pyrotechnics who like to spend money! Also, there was no bonfire this year. But we did set about 50 yard'ish of deadfall on fire. BURN BABY BURN! Fire is neat. That liquid heat effect? It turns me on. Or at least will get me to stare at it and be entirely too close to the fire for mosts comfort. It was almost surreal. And of course, the grilling (in a grill, not near the deadfall) was top notch. Bratwursts are yummy tasty grilled. It's probably the best way to eat them. Then of course the fire chief had a power trip and had the fire department come and put the fire out *after* it was mostly gone. We're not stupid people, we know how to set up a fire that doesn't eat the forest. Even the firemen said they didn't have to be doing what they were doing. :P But it was fun in that, 'Oooh, fire trucks!' kinda way. Neat how I haven't lost that little bit of mysticism from boyhood. Besides. Fire trucks have levers and buttons and hoses oh my!

Came home. SLEPT LIKE A LOG. After playing morrowind, getting through this incredibly hard section that I'm not high enough level for even in my dreams...and having the game crash before I saved.

And this has been a recounting of goodness. Future goodness: Tina will be coming up here, even if the quiz says she doesn't exist. Apartment will be cleanded. I will get a shower. Not in that order.

We'll leave badness for other posts, other times. Sufficed to say, I'm going insane. What do I do with two parts of me that are so different?
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