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And this is why I love this man.

My grandmothers birthday was July the 1st. My grandfather got her a box of chocolates, flowers, and most importantly, a card. The card was addressed: "To my Wife, my Lover, my Everything."

That there is a good start. :)

The card text, front page: For my Wife, you are my everything. Inside, 1st page: You are the woman whose face reflect all the joy , comfort, and sweetness I have known in my life. Inside, 2nd page: You are the woman whose smile still brightens my day and whose touch can make me forget the rest of the world. You are the woman who grows more beautiful to me each day. Inside, 3rd page: I am the man who will love you to the end of time. Happy Birthday.

Big pink card, pretty roses. now, his personal message: Betty, my love, this card says this better than I could. We have had over half a century to show our love for one another. Our love continues to grow and flourish and will for years to come. I thank you over and over for our love.

They still cuddle like teenagers when you they don't think anyone's awake at night. This is the side of my grandfather few people get to see. My grandmother, the cats when nobody's watching (can't let us think he's soft you see, even if we know better!), and babies. He'll hold them and play with them and coo at them...it's great.

I just hope I can end up like him. Except of course, I need to be curmudgeonly. ;) And I can only hope I show my children the love he's shown me.

Blah. This didn't sound as cool as I wanted it to be, some neat 'Look at my grandparents and all they've done for me, in many ways more important to me than my mother.' and it's gotten all screwed. but now you know why I wrote it.

So there. Harumph. :)

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