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Just...thoughts. - Spirit — LiveJournal
Current Mood: complacent complacent
How to make a Daimones

1 part competitiveness

5 parts self-sufficiency

5 parts leadership
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Serve with a slice of fitness and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

But then her own power vanished, poured away like dust streaming into the ocean of desire, and need claimed her and sent her crying aloud into the starry pavilion of night.

Mr. Allen knows that spending more than $20 million to win a $10 million prize may look like a poor return on investment. He said there might be opportunities to recoup his money in the licensing rights for some of the technologies that have been developed. But that is hardly the point. "In terms of sheer coolness," he said, "few things beat rocketry."

Angel Style by greymentality
First Impression from OthersOthers see you as mundane, until "enlightenment"
Your CoreIs warm and beaming with soft light
Potential to Stray from the Light: 96%
Your WeaknessReading. You love learning stuff.
Your StrengthYour song. It radiates the heavens.
Your WingsWhite. Piercingly white and pure
Your FocusHumanity's rhelms
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

"...Which would explain why there's so much traffic tonight."
Maybe there had been twenty cars pass while we sat there.

Too many people were like them, thinking inactivity was a form of protest or defense. It was stupidity and fear, and he hated them for it.

Who's been commenting in your journal?

1 daimones 466 comments 37.64% of total
2 (editor's note: This is someone's RP alt. So it doesn't really count. ;) It's why *my* count is so high. merinita 249 comments 20.11% of total
3 tinarobin 117 comments 9.45% of total
4 wingedpixi 81 comments 6.54% of total
5 melydia 72 comments 5.82% of total
6 annida 49 comments 3.96% of total
7 ayradyss 37 comments 2.99% of total
8 Anonymous 21 comments 1.7% of total
9 daxayl 20 comments 1.62% of total
10 ellisande 19 comments 1.53% of total
11 minsies 9 comments 0.73% of total
12 dragoni82 9 comments 0.73% of total
13 jeannee 9 comments 0.73% of total
14 vacillate 9 comments 0.73% of total
15 alythe 7 comments 0.57% of total
16 beowulfalive 6 comments 0.48% of total
17 lakos 6 comments 0.48% of total
18 krystalturtle 6 comments 0.48% of total
19 hisdaffodil 6 comments 0.48% of total
20 brawi 6 comments 0.48% of total
21 velvetone 5 comments 0.4% of total
22 rheyamorgaine 5 comments 0.4% of total
23 tyomniye 4 comments 0.32% of total
24 quinby 4 comments 0.32% of total
25 phloxin 3 comments 0.24% of total
26 clypheous 2 comments 0.16% of total
27 arazia 2 comments 0.16% of total
28 meira 2 comments 0.16% of total
29 heidianna 2 comments 0.16% of total
30 ladon13 1 comments 0.08% of total
31 caiata 1 comments 0.08% of total
32 calysto 1 comments 0.08% of total
33 zecular 1 comments 0.08% of total
34 sera_bella 1 comments 0.08% of total

These statistics were generated using the LJ Stats Web Interface by mpnolan. Original idea from scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard.

Ugh. I've been thinking a lot lately. About why. I haven't, as of yet, came up with any good answers. I never have any time to write all the things I want to, sadly. I hardly have any me time! It's why I'm pondering staying home tomorrow, even if the weather is supposed to be nice. And friends want to go do ribfest. Though I do have to do my grandparents lawn and my laundry sometime this weekend.

Put in a job application for, well, I'd show you, but as of this posting, fort wayne's web site is currently non-functional. Figures. Anyways. It's basically a job working at a local college as a help desk supervisor. Chances of me getting it: SLIM. But hey. ayradyss called my cover letter ebullient. How fucking cool is that! S'gotta count for something, right? Speaking of which, I should take that off the web. Don't want it being ran across accidentally.

Ugh. Oh, book suggestion. Read this book: The Secrets of Jin-Shei. Good stuff. If you read it, tell me what you think the saddest (most poignant?) sentence is in the book. Yes, I can narrow it down to exactly *ONE*. My favourite character in the book said it too...

Anyways. Blah. Death and doom and destruction. What happened to my words. Why can't I feel a word like ebullient anymore? Why can't I use them to paint pictures? What happened to that poet, that artist. Where has it all gone? (Probably with the rum. Damn monkey.) At least storms make me want to write. There's just something about them....
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tangled_rhythms From: tangled_rhythms Date: June 19th, 2004 12:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
Jeffie, the poet is still in there, he's just not able to talk right now. Unfortunately, there's too much inside of you that you can't let out for various reasons for him to speak freely and unfortunately, it may stay that way until you can find out how to let it go without fearing the repercussions.

I know he's there because I still see him when I hear you talk about the lightning, when you describe the way the sun looked as it set, when you tell me about places you dream of, things you wish for, people you love.

It's still there and one day, he will be free to feel and breathe those words again. I'm patient, there's always time.
hisdaffodil From: hisdaffodil Date: June 20th, 2004 06:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

must raise comment ratio

You're still a poet, just a bit of um... writer's block. Likely stemming from stress, for which I suggest you de-stressify yourself, the means of which I suggest often enough to not repeat myself here.

Good luck wif the job.
wingedpixi From: wingedpixi Date: June 21st, 2004 06:23 am (UTC) (Link)
*yawn* morning... forgive me if i start rambleing... this should however be short and sweet

Heres the thing.... i was talking with a co-worker of mine a while back about my last class i took ... it was printmaking... and awesome class btw... anyway ... i had really enjoyed myself and really took too all the images i created.. not that they were anything stellar or anything but things that i really connected to/with..... but i needed a boost at the begining from stmcole to get me headed in the right direction..... not only that it was work that i felt things about... they say art is a from of communication.... so what did i have to say to other people.... the rest is exercise or experimentation.... but the reason it came so easy is because i felt things and had an immediate understanding of how to say them.... this co-worker of mine felt this too... but towards her writing... it is so much easier to create things when going through the termoil of manic or extreamlly sullen moods..... but also the timing...having the time to put dow what you feel ... and the tiny spark of intuition that allows you to know how it should be done.... it will hit you ... even the best of artists, poets, writers, creators cant constantly pull genius from their souls.... take a break... feed your soul... make a note.. come back to it later... youll get there i promise.. the poet in you is not lost.... but just waiting again for his time to shine..

" Gonna kick off my shoes
And run in bare feet
Where the grass and the dirt and the gravel all meet
Goin' back to the well gonna visit old friends
And feed my soul where the blacktop ends"

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