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Loooong overdue.

Again, this is long overdue. This means that it won't cover as much as I want to. :)


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He looked down at the proof of his passion, hard and tall, and slapped it. "What are you standing up for. There's nothing doing for you. This is the bible belt."

http://www.nitrosyncretic.com/dfv_sifi.html <- Too True.

How strange, he thought, that we should both be acting as if this is nothing more than a polite social visit. Please, madam, ignore my army. I take it everywhere.

No siempre uno puede ser leal. Nuestro pasado, por lo común, es una vergüenza, y no puede uno ser leal con el pasado a costa de ser desleal con el presente. <- Muy verdad.

...I would still feel like a stranger if there were no familiar face to help me, a glance to save me from my frequent forays into solitude at the slightest blunder into reality.

Jack Osbourne on ex gf Kimberly Stewart, who's had 2 breast implants: "She gave me her boobs, and I framed them. Not a bad souvenir." <- Life styles of the rich and weird.

kytyn, a friend of mine, asked in her journal if people could name all of their friends rl names. I can name all of them. :) I only had trouble remembering 1. And I've only met her...twice? So without further ado...

The list: alythe, annida, ayradyss, beowulfalive, brawi, buggrit, caiata, daxayl, dragoni82, ellisande, glassfishy, heidianna, heimgehen, hisdaffodil, jeannee, jenouflex, krystalturtle, kytyn, lakos, meira, merinita, minsies, northern_blade, phloxin, quinby, tinarobin, towerfall, tyomniye, wingedpixi, x_konstantine_x

Translated: Jo(anne), Annida, nykki, Beaker, Brad, Andrea, M, James, Heather, Heather "Bri(anne)" :), Aimee, Heidianna, (rp alt for Erica), Sheree, Nay, (rp alt for nykki), Cindy, Kate, Matt, Sara, (rp alt for Bri), Lauren, (rp alt for Matt), Eric, Erica, Tina, (rp alt for nykki), Larissa, Laura, Cindy

I need to clean out rp alts that I don't bother with any longer, obviously. I've met all of these people but 2...one is on my list of people to meet in the near future. (ye olde Tina).

When you don't have a job and you don't do anything athletic and you're filthy rich, the way you compete is by trying to convince everybody else that you're richer than they are. South Florida's high-net-worth ladies did this by wearing their money on their bodies in the form of jewelry and then trying to get photographed. Maybe they thought only other high-net-worth ladies read the society pages, but, to a thief, all those photos and stories read like advertising brochures.

I think the most extraordinary thing about my life is how ordinary it was--at least if you don't count my little hobby of stealing jewels.

Diamonds sure do make you wonder about people: Why would someone pay thousands extra for quality only a trained gemologist could detect, and even then only with a magnifying glass? No wonder scam artists and advertising professionals are never at a loss for work.

Wonderful things, city directories: They were like reference books for thieves published at public expense.

About ten minutes into it some guy with a neck brace and crutches rounded the corner. He took one look at all the nude bodies in the pool and seemed to undergo a miraculous recovery. Pausing only slightly to look around, as if to make sure no one from his insurance company was spying on him, he stripped off the collar, tossed away the crutches and dove in.

I saw that she had forgotten her jewelry, including a four-carat emerald-cut diamond ring she'd left sitting on the nightstand. Feeling like I was going soft, I called her to meet me later in the afternoon so I could return everything to her. We met for drinks, and as I handed over the ring, bracelet and two necklaces, she said, "Do you know anything about jewelry?"
I stifled a cough and said, "A little. Why?"

On the outside these were prim and proper ladies of some substance and community standing, but once behind my closed front door it was like aliens took over their brains and insisted they copulate immediately and often. I don't know; maybe there really is something to being a doctor.
All of the demarced quotes are from an excellent non-fiction book about one of the most successful and notorious jewel thieves of our time. Book title: Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief This man has (had in a manner of speaking. The book is published now that all his (mentioned) crimes are past statutes.) a remarkable life, with a truly fascinating thread to tell.

Simply gazing at her was like being hit in the groin with a velvet hammer.

We came to be very good friends who included, without any commitment, sex as one our friendliest activities.

"Ah, globalization," I said, trying to lighten the conversation, "how many sins have been committed in thy name?"

The world was filled with unrequited love, hearts that beat in indifference, lives dedicated to other lives in vain, or maybe not; maybe being true to the feelings themselves was an exalted form of redemption and on a higher plane than the banal, narcissistic search for reciprocity.

We get tired of seeing the wolf in sheep's clothing and are capable of pity, compassion. We are stupidly predictable in our misplaced generosity.

Maybe it was my over interpretation, my ability to diverge into a thousand petty details that threatened the possibility of one master interpretation.

I'm more suited to the glittering quest for superiority than the opaque but long-lasting shine of daily life.

His hands on her bare skin are a narcotic. That of course is the problem. She might be careless if she lost herself too deeply in the pleasure of his touch.

So he stops her and puts his mouth on top of hers, tongue searching around inside that darkness until he has forgiven her.

She sits in that chair ... like some sort of visiting royal, though she is almost oversexy, ... to be a princess. Did she look this way last month, he wonders, before they made love in his bedroom for the first time? He remembers her shoulders as neat and precise, a perfect geometry of skin and bone, but now there is a sultry shimmer in the movement of her collarbone, a slippery quality of light in the curve from neck to black swimsuit strap.

She sits down on the grass and leans back on her hands, bending her knees and tiling her face to catch the sun in such a way that reminds her of being a teenager, sitting in exactly this position with her first boyfriend. This position suggests pleasure, she thinks, even abandon, but she always felt a little unease around him, uncertain how to talk to him, nervous about the sunburst of yearning that expanded in her stomach when he kissed her. What was she supposed to do with such a feeling? Better not to experience it all, then, she decided, better to feel less.

And she tries to tell herself that cancer is worse, so much worse, but still, a part of her, a small mean part she can't completely control, thinks it is better. There is dignity in dying, a clearing of space, whereas adultery offers only shame and clutter.

Is this what we have to look forward to as adults, she wonders, sharing that common malaise of a traffic jam on the way home from a job that, in the grand scheme of things, means very little? And if so, no wonder. No wonder people cheat and like and seek out sex and love in as many places as they possibly can.


Updates since last post. Beat C&C:TS. Now I've moved on to Starcraft. I'm on a quest to get all the older C&C, including expansion packs...I'm a good way there. Eventually I'll slowly go through and beat them all. I've seen a few movies since...Chronicles of Riddick, a good movie, but all fluff. :) Harry Potter's 3rd installment? It almost makes me want to read the books again. Forsooth. I think the next movie I'm getting dragged to go see will be The Notebook. Bri so loves girly movies in her never-ending quest to get back into the girly club.

Cleaning commences slowly here. I'm finally fed up with state of apartment, so blam. It's gotta get fixed. It'll take some time, but it will be done. I also have ulterior motives in that I'd like to get some people in here to fix some things, and this will not happen until I feel safe enough at having them inside the house. Also, this way I can justify the time I'll be spending outside the apartment with friends I have not seen in forever, such as Laura, Tina (who technically I've not seen, but we're fixing that)...I will also probably be making another trip to Atlanta again this summer. Bri's parents seem to like having us down there...and well, frankly I like being there. Also, Cindy is in the vicinity of Atlanta, and I want to see her before she's a grandmother. Other reasons to want things clean, Bri's parents want to come see here. Eek. :) Makes me want to clean the walls even! So with all these things, I have good reason to fix them.

I said 'again', on this trip to Atlanta, so I should clarify. I went down with Bri to Atlanta over last weekend. We left on Friday morning, and returned Tuesday night. Was going to come back Monday, but I wanted to spend more time down there, so I took it off of work. Which is why I'm working tonight, to make up for the hours. There are some good benefits at working where I do. They *want* me to work full time. Makes me wonder how much money they get for me. :)

So anway. Atlanta is a beautiful city. I dunno how I can explain it, but it's just somewhat soothing and enveloping. More *stuff* goes on there too...while were down there, we got to go to a renfest. Mental note: Need to have 200 dollars saved up for spending money. Got a few sharpy shinies (very pretty ones), got some leather cuffs (always nice), got Bri some jewelry...also got to see people joust. I think the best part was by far the people at the fest. Not only the people who were acting/employees there, but all the people in costume, etc. Very good stuff. Got to swim while I was in Atlanta, which allowed me to get a tan on my back as a byproduct. That was fun. Learned how cold Aloe can be even if it's supposed to be 'room temperature'. :P Even got to work outdoors, something I miss doing. I may not be much of a gardener, but I'd make a decent handyman if I could but learn. Not to mention my predilection for doing outdoorsy stuff.

I want to look into grad school in Atlanta. Mental note. Take steps to accomplish.

Tried to watch the 3rd LotR while I was down there. Failed every time. Couldn't stay awake. But I did get to drive Bri's parents car. It makes me feel like I make money to drive a brand new Saturn Vue. :) Not to mention all the spiffy. Checked out a Saturn Ion while I was down there...did you know one with all the trimmings is somewhere between 20k and 25k? Brand new. I'm curious. :)

Even the car ride both ways was lovely. A bit of rain, both ways, but oh well, no harm. Still good driving, pretty things to see.

OH! random: Wedding of Lisa's. See picamatures here: http://student.indtech.edu/~jmelvill/images/Wedding No pictures of Bri though. I saved those for myself. I'm sure they'll eventually be up for those who want to see them. Or you could just ask me.

*eyes the weather* This stuff is making it hard to mow my grandfathers lawn, but I manage to at least keep the front done in between days of rain. ;)

What else, what else. Bri got her own computer, so now I can take my second computer and linux it. That will come after cleaning. See? Another reason for me to clean. :) Her computer is nice, but not as nice as mine, and we can't upgrade it really. It is her parents old computer, and I think I've already ranted about it before. Basically, the ram is unupgradeable. ;P

Got a really old, but new to us, digicam. It works at least. :) Got all the software to play with that the other night. Dunno what I'll use it for..it takes fairly grainy pictures.

Spent last night shopping! Got lots of groceries, some cleaning stuff, some stuffed animals on sale (I couldn't resist!)...basically, I'm glad I get paid on Monday. :) Got a DVD I have to take back to Suncoast and see if I can exchange for the widescreen version. Waiting for all the Star Wars to finally come out, and all the LotR to come out before I sink money into that. Though I want to.

God I love storms. (*saves this journal entry, just in case storms don't love him*) I think I managed to blither on about all the things I've been doing and plan on doing. Nothing of any philosophical content, sadly, but such is the way with entries like this. It's the day to day where I get philosophical...though there is some in the quotes section.

Anyways. Time to go, I think. Have to take a shower, hope I don't electrocuted, eat...maybe play some more SC. :)

Oh. Random: I wish I was better at fighting games like Tekken and Soul Caliber. Makes me want a play station 2 so that I may indulge.

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