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What is your greatest accomplishment?

Moving out of my house, into an apartment, staying on top of my bills, completing college, and still being able to mow my grandfather's lawn on Saturday's.

Sounds silly now. My interview went well, I think. I managed to answer their questions! Yes, their. All 4 of them. The Technology directory, the network director, someone from the high school, and someone in true administration (and the author of the subject question.) They didn't really ask me anything too outlandish, and I seemed to connect with them, though I had a problem looking at all four people. Felt like I was back in Academic Decathlon during speech. :P

The drive was loverly, though I could imagine it'd be hell in winter. ;) So at least I got that out of it.

Now I'm awake. Which is a problem. Because I've only had 3 or so hours of sleep, and in another 3.5 I have to be on my way to work.

Here's to hope.

(and a snug for the quinbit)
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