Spirit (daimones) wrote,

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To run..

And run forever.

I love to run. The feel of the wind rushing by your ears, the pounding of your feet, the feel of your heart, the rush it creates in your blood. The sway of your body side to side, the motion only stable through speed. The delicate balance as you fleet across the earth, your vision narrowing, your hearing becoming a combination rush of wind, pounding of heart, and ragged breathing. The feeling of control over the surface of your body as you navigate turns and obstacles at high speed. The different noises terrain creates. Even the delight at throwing yourself free, rolling across the ground as you come to a stop. The exhilarating rush of it all that surpasses words.

To run and run forever, a winged dream amongst sun's hot breath.
The pound of the surf and the loam of the sea and the smell of faded sweat.
To feel free forever and gone, until the baton is passed from you to the next.
The energy that is true and spirit besides, the feel of the hunt and the delight at the catch.
Nature's glory and man's monument. To run, and run forever true.

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