Spirit (daimones) wrote,

Can I feel accomplished?

Even if I don't really deserve it.

I sent out my resume to a couple of places today. My transcript too.

"Pwent likes trolls, he says, because their pieces wiggle even after you cut them off."

"What's the difference between a leather shoe and a woman with herpes? ... You can eat the shoe if you have to."

"Why do Italian men wear gold chains? So they know where to stop shaving."

The rock: "I know a lot of fat-ass whiskey drinkers. And the men are worse." and "I used to play wrestling games...but I don't play much anymore because I keep getting my ass kicked by the computer. When you get your ass kicked in a wrestilng game and you're playing as yourself, it's tough on the ego."

I wish I had much to tell you about, but I don't, not really. Just wishes hopes and dreams.
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