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Happy Saint Patty's Day!

I was wearing green. Nobody pinched my ass.

"Tommorrow, the color of his bruises would turn his body into a fresco painted by an idiot."

Somebody tell me. Why it feels more real when I dream than when I am awake? How can I know if my senses are lying? There is some fiction in your truth, and some truth in your fiction. To know the truth, you must risk everything. Who are you? Am I alone? You are not alone.

YOU are the danger. Dragon, big bad wolf, spider, snake. whatever form
suits you best. you ARE the scary. 'nough said.

what fairy tale role do you play? (this time with pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

"..what happens when you cross an irishman and a german. You get someone too drunk to follow orders."

"..THe pain blocking effect of vaginal stimulation was stronger than morphine." <- Is it addictive too? :)

I'm so wanting to buy some good glowing keyboards and mouse things. Be neat if I could get a glowy with a fan mouse. But at least, curtesy of Bri's parents, we have a 27" TV. This is a good segway into my trip to Georgia, don't you think? :)

We took a new route down, I like it better. Prettier (big hills :), and I think shorter too due to the mostly straight shot. Basically we hop over to 75 and just go south till we need to get off on the exit that goes to her place. Thought a bit about what defines a mountain, other than height. I.E. How do they determine base height in a place that's all sorts of hilly. Had to get a gas cap on the way down, the emissions light suddenly came on, and the most obvious reason was that. But the car still passed emissions, and is now legal. I only wish that had happened before I got the 50 dollar parking ticket that I got cause I parked at the library wanting to pay off a couple of dollar in fines as well as turn in some books. Shoulda put more in the meter.

It was nice and content down there. Had to take allergy pills to sleep, but the cats were worth it. Bri was on edge the entire trip, but now she claims she wants to go back. I think she secretly misses it, even if she can't admit to it. There's always something about certain places that 'smell' home. Or maybe that's the pool in the backyard. Bikini's are good. Didn't get to go and do anything in Atlanta, but I did get to veg out. Slept a lot, mostly. Hrm. Parents took us out to eat at a mexican place and a steak place...both were good, I think I liked the mexican better. That we did while shopping. Her mother wanted a burner for her home computer, and while I was at it, maybe some RAM. The burner was easy. The RAM is where I learned that dell is stupid and has RDRAM in their older computers. This is expensive and hard to find. So they had to return that. Me, I got some pretty fabric from hobby lobby for Lisa's wedding, and some speaker mounts that have yet to be mounted due to lack of drill set. Oh, and I got blade 2.

Saw a neat car accident on the way back. Car peeled back like a tin can, burnt...crazy stuff. Makes you think. Mostly it made me realize that I might be late to work due to traffic. I wonder how callous that makes me. It was all some neat strangeness, not some thing that happened that probably cost somebody their life, or nearly.

Oh, btw. Insurance stuff with Bri's car sucks ass. Just in case you wanted to know.

The only other thing I wanted to mention was that the Evanansence concert I went to was amazing. That wasn't in Georgia, but much earlier, and i've just not written about it. Every time I hear the songs on the radio I can remember Amy Lee singing them...her voice really is amazing.

Other concerts I want to go to: Metallica. But alas, the money isn't there....
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