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And weird only begins to describe it...

It's been so long since last we talked, my diary mine.....

Let's see, in brief...my car starter died since last we talked, at the lovely price of 200 dollars. *gags*

I managed to pass my classes, and I think with a D in DD, I won't have to take it again. *phew*. With my crazy schedule, I haven't been able to work as much at school as I wanted too. So the money that I got for the summer will carry on over into the beginning of the semester. Haven't really gotten a chance to play magic with Aaron, or anything. As I might have mentioned, my schedule has been crazy. Oh well. I'll get this tape backup thing working before the beginning of the semester. Then we'll work on re-imaging the lab. That should eat up the rest of the money, and if it doesn't...I'll make it. :)

Course, then I'll have to find another job. *icks* Interestingly, I got my w-2's from college...I made like, 6.5k. That's like, a semester worth! That's kinda cool.

I might get a promotion type thing to an intern at Roadway, but that's kinda up in the air. If it does happen, I won't have to get a second job, I'd wager. And I'll get health insurance. Which would rock. As it is, I had to bite the bullet and get my wisdom teeth removed, sans insurance...The pain just had to be dealt with, and not being able to chew was getting to me. :)

It was eerie, seeing my panoramic x-ray. I mean, neat to see what was wrong..but...I could see my skull. Being reminded of my own impermanence on this earth, and seeing how history will remember is rather odd. Cause in the end, if I'm remembered at all, it will be because of my skeleton. 'This is Jeffery Melville, an average 21st century male..' or something. Weird. Anyways, back to my teeth. =) They're gone, and I'm waiting for the pain to die away so that I can have my mouth back. I'm apparently very sweet under anesthesia...

Christmas has been taken down, leaving a bevy of pine needles that is slowly getting cleaned up. As they're getting cleaned up, I'm cleaning the apartment..and decorating. I feel bad, cause I get to have all my little knick-knacks, but Bri doesn't get hers. We couldn't -fit- them in the car, she had so many clothes. But even with clothes, we managed to take her playstation up. :)

Oh. Yeah. Me and Bri went to visit her parents in Georgia. She's got a beautiful house. Just gorgeous. Two adorable cats. I was approved on by the cat. This is apparently a rite of passage or something. ;) Oh. She's got a comfy bed too. =) (Bri, not the cat. :)

The drive down and back was cool, though again, I feel bad, cause Bri didn't get to stay as long as she'd like. Even though she was having all these problems with her parents, they evaporated as soon as they saw her, I think...they were just happy to know she was safe and alive and such. I even think they liked me, though the jury is out on this one.

And now I'm all out of stuff to ramble on about. I was going, as per usual, write a bit more coherently, but didn't. I dunno. Maybe it's that I've been cleaning off and on today and that's sucked all my pretty thoughts out. Crazy part is that I've really only cleaned one room. Parts of others, but only one room got really clean. The rest have their day tomorrow, I think. If I can get motivation. ;)

Hah. Motivation. Most of my motivation lately has been keeping me looking forward, and not back. It's unusual...but I'm glad for it. I have this idea of my future now. If only the world will cooperate with me...

Chances of this are about as good as the weather man getting it right, but I'm hoping. Keep up the hope with me folks!

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