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I activated her self-defense mechanisms!

"...When I was a kid, none of us ever talked to the grown-ups..." "That's because you were a menace to society." "Still am. Only difference is the regiment gave me a pretty new laser rifle to menace with." "I suppose that makes you the expert"

"Responsibility is a bitch. Last to bed and first awake and behaving myself all the time to set a good example...why did I let you talk me into letting them promote me like this?...Must have done it out of the kindness of my heart. Someone has to teach the new kids which end of the laser rifle the pretty red light comes out of."

(Marie Claire, testing out Audio-Oh, a sound activated vibrator. First place she went to, an ice ream parlor.) ...When I got to the shop and the girl at the counter uttered four little words: "Can I help you?" Can you help me?! "Lady," I almost shouted back, "you just did!" The Audio-Oh had kicked into high gear...I smiled, trying to get ahold of myself. "Uh, I'd like a vanilla and chocolate swirl." I replied. The Audio-Oh surged again, and I realized that I was beginning to literally turn myself on. "That'll be $3.25" she said. Funny, although I'd never noticed it before, her eyes were a beautiful brown, and her ponytail bobbed exquisitely. "Do you have your punch card?" she queried, as if she were daring me to fall in love with her. I practically jumped over the counter.

"Next time someone tries to burn you, you must run away, OK?"

Which days are the hardest for you? -- I used to treat one girl to breakfast some mornings before her pimp picked her up. One day, she arrived with a black eye, and I said, 'Give me one good reason why you're with him." She said, "When he hits the other girls, he hits them with a closed fist--but he hits me with an open hand. That's how I know he loves me." That was the last time I ever saw her. It was painful for me.

"I shop all the time at Express and those less expensive stores, like Gap.."

"My mother always told me not to get involved with bad girls, especially if they had wings."

"For evil, like chaos, was one of the fundamental forces of Creation, manifest in both the macrocosm of the wide world and the microcosm of the individual soul. As chaos gave rise to possibility and imagination, so evil engendered strength and will. It made sentient beings aspire to wealth and power. It enabled them to subjugate, kill, rob, and deceive. It allowed them to do whatever was required to better themselves with never a crippling flicker of remorse. Thus, evil was responsible for the existence of civilization and for every great deed any hero had ever performed. Without it, the people of the world would live like animals. It was amazing that so many races, blinded by false religions and philosophies, had lost sight of this self-evident truth."

While these personal talks were curiously rewarding, they still made him nervous, scared. He preferred to deal with threats that could be stabbed through the heart or beheaded. It was so much easier, so much clearer.

Did get my coat of swankyness. I like it too much. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen things, I must elect to get my computer in parts and slowly build it. Next element I buy will probably be the graphics card, assuming best buy doesn't do something stupid and sell the one I want. I've got the case, I've got a monitor, I've got a HD, and I've got a floppy drive. Go me. Speaking of unforeseen things, mental note: write check. This sucks. At least with the components slowly accumulating dust, I may be inclined to spend extra money to complete it rather than anything else.

I've been really out of it lately. Nothing is going right, or at least, so it seems. There are things I feel like I should just give in on, since the end isn't in sight, but I don't want to. Yet. At least, I don't think so. How do you know when you should throw in the cards in a game where it seems like you can't loose, but you can't win either.

It's moments like these I wish I could have my computer so I could just put it together and lose myself in the task. I like working with my hands for just that very reason. If I didn't always have to do the dishes and clean up around here I wouldn't mind using them for that either. It's oddly comforting, the act of cleaning. The ability to take a 'wrong' thing and make it right. My purpose in life, perhaps.

Computer. Oh to be able to shoot things for hours. I should get a 'nice' set of computer headphones. *adds to mental list of things for computer*

Oh, something I should mention. I can't tie a tie worth a damn. Le blargh.

I should also get some points on the replay coolness.

And I think, since now I'm blithering, that I'm all out of 'stuff to talk about'. Sorry folks.

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