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Weee! - Spirit — LiveJournal
Your kinky sex score was 498!

Here is the chart so that you can see how you are rated:

Under 100 You need to lighten up and live a little!
100 to 200 You have an average sex drive in need of kink.
201 to 300 You have sweet hints of a kinky nature.
300 to 400 You are definitely a kinky player.
400 to 500 You are a major league kinkster!
500 or more Wow! You're too kinky for most!!!
600 or more SUPER FREAK ALERT! You da BOMB!


http://student.indtech.edu/~jmelvill/images/lj/neat.jpg ← This is a neat psychological picture.

http://home.kabelfoon.nl/~hopha/penguin.swf ← Beat a penguin, enjoy the moment. Oddly enough, every time I share this link I get, "Oh, I had lost it. Thanks for finding it!" I've never seen it until now. ;P

http://www.collegehumor.com/?image_id=33327 ← Monkey!

http://fox.is-a-geek.net/archives/fall1.mpeg ← This is painful, but oh so funny. Small dl.

http://www.kailuabeach.com/palmvilla.php?prop=1&view=pvilla ← I could live here. Oh god could I live here.

http://www.vacationrentalsonline.com/vr/hi/oa/hioa10/hioa10.htm ← This makes a nice second follow-up.

So this is the update on the tax return. I have it. Which means a computer is coming my soon, yes it is. Any volunteers on helping me put the thing together?

So. Tonight I get to show off my new suit. I got one last night at Men's Warehouse, which I now suggest to all ye men out there who need to buy suits. Their service is excellent. I've never been treated like that in a store. And it was quite lovely. I will go back to buy shoes and a spiff overcoat soon enough, I know. I'm so tempted to go get the overcoat today. *eyes his tax return speculatively*

I know I had more things to discuss, but I can't remember what they are. They all got lost in the fog of things I can do now. Oh, I got my state tax return done too. It's a small tax return, but I don't mind. It's still money I didn't have. It'll pay for a coat, actually...

I'm such a consumer.
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