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I must be tasty.

Bri's been on a bite and nibble Jeff rampage. It's almost disconcerting. ;) But she's adorable, so we forgive her. Especially since she told me she wants a real flogger if I'm going to flog her.
Nothing like a woman who desires quality in her life. :)

I feel better now. Kinda. My intestines are still flaky and I wish it would stop. I filed my tax return recently and I'm waiting for it. It'll be something like a grand plus. I've three options for it. Playstation and a TV. A bill. Or a computer. The computer is winning. To have a PC that can play pretty games. Oh. And..and...oh, I must admit. I want to be able to play Quake 2 again. ;) I suppose some of these other new fangled shooters too, but come on. *grins* Also in the works is my actual permanent hiring into Sirva, the company I work for, rather than being a temp. Did the drug pre-screen today, which I think is silly, even though I understand it's all HR policy. It's still stupid because I had to go through a lot of this for my temporary employment. Supposedly this hiring comes with a raise.

I'm still looking for a real job. I need to get my arse in gear. I have a few places I need to apply to.

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Tina. I adore your gift, thank you. For those not aware, she sent me the neatest package. It had a shotglass for Bri, some sweet chowder mix, some tea, some chocolate, a journal book, a action hero's handbook, and a feng shaun book which I can't really explain. Oh! And this chocolate medley of cherries, berries, and nuts. (for the record, they are tasty even if I don't like cherries. The perverse in me made me try them first.)

So, uhm. You rock. It's a sweet valentine's. *snugs*

Oh. I forgot my favourite gift. The bookmark! It is metal and cool...and it has the symbol for strength on it. But I think the quote...

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is so gentle as real strength." -- Ralph W. Sockman

It also serves as a neat flogger what with its construction. *winks*

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